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By FEND Staff

Stressed CBP on track for new hires

By FEND Staff

The National Treasury Employees Union has gotten behind an appropriations bill measure to surge hiring at Customs and Border Protection.

Shake up: Expert views federal pay raise proposals and trends as entering a murky future

By Nathan Abse

This week, FEND’s Nathan Abse speaks with Peter W. Philips, a labor economist and compensation expert on the faculty at the University of Utah. Philips discusses the federal pay raise proposal—but more generally on compensation trends and the macro trends affecting them.

SEA, talent firm offering new digital marketplace

By FEND Staff

The Senior Executives Association has announced a new partnership with a private talent exchange that aims to “create an agile and highly effective 21st-century workforce."

Thrift Savings Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of June 6, 2019.

Which is Better for Federal Employees – Traditional TSP or Roth TSP? - Part I

By Edward A. Zurndorfer

Employees have choices with respect to contributing to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). They can contribute to the traditional TSP and/or to the Roth TSP. In the first of two columns discussing which TSP account is better for employees, this week’s column suggests that employees look at their 2018 federal income tax return in determining how much they should contribute to the traditional TSP.

No more first class flights for feds under new bill

By FEND Staff

A bipartisan piece of legislation has been introduced that would ban all federal employees from flying first-class or business-class while traveling for work.

Do you know a star?

By FEND Staff

True innovation takes a lot — new technologies, strong leadership, talented industry partners and, of course, individual change agents.

Are you high risk or low?

By Mike Causey

Question: Would you invest/bet your retirement nest egg on a climate-friendly startup company who’s CEO is convinced that in a short-time most of us will be wearing shoes made out of recycled Mississippi River mud?

Forest Service will cut youth training program

By FEND Staff

The White House will end a long-lived Forest Service program—one that has helped train a reported 3,000-plus young people a year and maintained over 1,100 employees.

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