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By FEND Staff

Federal workforce on a five-year uptick

By FEND Staff

The federal workforce has continued to grow within the last five years, and the Office of Personnel Management credits the gain to seasonal job opportunities and an influx of high school graduates entering the workforce.

National Weather Service union chief lauds technology, but notes continuing staffing problems at crucial lifesaving agency

By Nathan Abse

This week, Nathan Abse interviews Dan Sobien, a meteorologist and the longtime president of the National Weather Service Employees Organization—the NWS employees’ union, about staffing and other key issues at the agency.

OPM reorg would outsource work to GSA

By FEND Staff

If Congress doesn't go along with a plan to reorganize the Office of Personnel Management, the agency still plans to push ahead administratively through outsourcing.

The mystery of silence

By Mike Causey

Feds with TOM’s (touch-of-machoism) disorder are suffering absence of pain withdrawal symptoms. As in, things are too quiet. Going too well. When is the other shoe about to drop? So what’s going on, or more accurately, what isn’t happening? And what, if anything, does it mean?

Federal Benefits Q&A

By FEND Staff

Question: I was divorced in November 1996 with an order granting my ex about 23 percent of my retirement (CSRS). It has always been my understanding that if she dies that 23 percent would automatically revert back to me. I recently heard that this is not the case. Could you please clear this up for me?

Thrift Savings Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of May 27, 2019.

OPM pushes telework for feds, agencies affected by DC-area project

By Nathan Abse

The Office of Personnel Management has called on federal agencies affected by an extensive public works project to “utilize various workplace flexibilities”—highlighting telework—to work around the disruption brought about by the project, according to a memo issued by OPM.

Lawmaker: TSA needs to ‘double down’ on workforce reform

By FEND Staff

A House committee on Tuesday urged the Transportation Security Administration to make the agency a “better place to work,” as a recent report has concluded that low pay and morale on the frontline is affecting U.S. security.

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