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By FEND Staff

VA pushes back on employee rights, union complains

By Nathan Abse

Federal employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs face a new wave of anti-union action from the top levels of the executive branch, the leading union involved has charged.

Expert: Stricter opioid prescription controls—with flexibility where needed—are key to slowing epidemic

By Nathan Abse

This week, Nathan Abse discusses the general public health effort to fight the opioid epidemic by reducing prescriptions—as well as the OWCP microsite’s specific recommendations on prescription opioids for injured federal employees—with opioid crisis expert Dr. Nancy Nielsen, Senior Associate Dean for Health Policy and Medicine, University at Buffalo.

Federal Benefits Q&A

By FEND Staff

Question: If I quit on Friday, December 29, would I get three hours of accrued annual leave for pay period 26, since I'm effectively working only half of pay period 26? Or do I need to work the full pay period 26 in order to accrue the full six hours annual leave?

Federal Employees: It’s time to Show You Care on International Volunteer Day—Dec. 5th!

By Vince Micone

Most federal employees know you can make a donation to your favorite causes through the CFC, but what you may not know is that you can also make a pledge to volunteer with your favorite charities through the program.

Nominations for 2019 Federal 100 awards open

By FEND Staff

The nominations for the 2019 Federal 100 awards are now open. So please help the most exceptional women and men in our community get the recognition they deserve!

Two new locality pay cities added by Federal Salary Council

By FEND Staff

The federal council overseeing general schedule locality pay at the Office of Personnel Management recommended adding two new locality pay areas and changing the rules under which localities are eligible for higher locality pay.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of Nov. 14, 2018.

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