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  • DOD says health record requirements met

    The Defense Department announced it has met interoperability requirements for electronic health records as called for in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014.

  • TSA HQ move stalled

    The Transportation Security Administration’s proposed move of its headquarters between two northern Virginia locations may have hit a snag.

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  • Federal Benefits Q&A

    Question: “I am CSRS, planning to retire at 40 years with a survivor benefit for my wife. I don't have significant Social Security earnings, and so won't have personal Social Security benefits. My wife has worked in the private sector all her life so I would nominally be eligible for Social Security survivor benefits. If I pre-decease my wife, will her Social Security benefits be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision? And if she pre-deceases me, will my spousal Social Security benefits be subject to WEP?"

  • Interim chief to head SEA

    The Senior Executives Association’s board of directors said this month that former board member and former SEA staff member Tim Dirks will serve as interim president of organization pending selection of a permanent president.

  • Unions, consumer advocates renew fight against private tax collection

    Federal employee unions and consumer advocates have joined in a new fight against an old threat: proposed legislation that would permit the IRS to farm out collection of tax debts to private firms.

  • APWU lodges NLRB complaint

    The American Postal Workers Union is asking some newly hired non-career employees not to participate in a U.S. Postal Service survey that inquires about job satisfaction and the quality of working conditions.

  • Bill would lift labor organizing requirements at IRS

    A Senate lawmaker is sponsoring legislation that would exempt the Internal Revenue Service from federal labor organization and collective bargaining requirements.

  • Informed Investor: Inheriting an IRA can result in tax hazards for nonspousal beneficiaries

    This week’s column discusses some of the tax hazards—including significantly large IRS penalties—that can occur when a nonspousal beneficiary inherits a traditional or Roth IRA.

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