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  • Gov't shutdown: Lawmakers point fingers

    The federal government officially shutdown at midnight on Friday after Congress failed to resolve a partisan standoff over immigration and spending, and now lawmakers are pointing fingers.

  • Administration still lagging behind on political appointees

    Now one full year into the presidency, the Trump administration continues lag behind other administrations on making key presidential appointments and conformations of leadership positions at executive branch agencies.

  • Unions decry shutdown threat as needless politicking

    Several times, over these past months, White House and numerous members of Congress have used the threat of a government shutdown—last actually seen in October 2013—to press political agendas that suit their agendas. By Friday, Jan. 19—the latest funding deadline—once again the threat came to brink.

  • Energy photog placed on leave after photo

    An Energy Department photographer is seeking whistleblower protection after the department placed him on administrative when he shared with the media a picture of Energy Secretary Rick Perry hugging coal mining executive Robert Murray.

  • Survey: Feds feel their work is disrespected by White House

    Federal employees report that the they believe the president disrespects them in their work, according to a survey conducted by the Government Business Council and Government Executive.

  • USDA to cut down use of telework

    The U.S. Department Agriculture has announced that it will lessen the amount of days its employees can work from home.

  • AFGE calls out VA outsourcing—and contractor fraud

    The American Federation of Government Employees has called on Congress to investigate the two top contractors that handle the Department of Veterans Affairs private medical care program, known as “Choice.”

  • Lawmakers reintroduce fair pay legislation

    Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) has introduced the same legislation for the last four years, a bill that will provide federal employees a pay raise at the beginning of the new year, and his fight for 2019 is no different.

  • IRS releases new tax withholding guidelines

    The Internal Revenue Service on Jan. 11 released the new income-tax withholding tables as part of the recently approved $1.5 trillion tax reform bill, and it shows that employees could start seeing changes in their paychecks as soon as next month.

  • DOI reorg moves employees across the country

    The Department of Interior announced that it will be moving tens of thousands of employees to new locations across the country as part of an effort reorganize the management of federal lands.

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