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  • New NSF policy addresses workplace harassment

    The National Science Foundation is taking steps to ensure that its employees are protected from harassment and inappropriate conduct and relationships in the workplace.

  • Measure aims to prevent privatizing USPS

    A bipartisan piece of legislation has been introduced by lawmakers in an attempts to thwart President Trump’s plans to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.

  • President Trump

    Another shutdown averted

    The Senate this week has passed a $854 billion spending bill that funds the federal government through early December and avoids another government shutdown.

  • Poll: Public approval of unions hits 15-year high

    Labor organizations are enjoying their highest popularity in over a decade with the American public, according to a recent public opinion poll.

  • IRS union warmly greets new commissioner

    Charles Rettig was confirmed by the Senate on Sept. 13 to become the new commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the union representing IRS employees expressed hope for the future under his leadership.

  • U.S. Capitol (Photo by Orhan Cam / Shutterstock)

    Report: Shutdown less likely, prospects for 1.9% raise look better

    Members of the House and Senate working to hash out a compromise on much-discussed “minibus” spending bills to keep the federal government going are making progress, according to a recent report.

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    Florence: Thousands of feds help in the Carolinas

    Hurricane Florence was downgraded soon after hitting shore--but even days afterward the powerful, slow-moving storm continued to kill and destroy property across a vast wind- and flood-damaged area.

  • Feds face being 'automated' out of a job

    Hundreds of thousands of federal face the prospect of being automated in the very near future and some experts are urging government employers to retrain and re-skill affected workers.

  • Postal union calls for unity as contract expiration approaches

    The largest union representing U.S. Postal Service employees is issuing a new call for labor unity as it pushes for a fair deal for workers as their existing labor contract expires.


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