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Federal Soup Top Stories

  • IG finds faulty EPA tracking of transit subsidies

    Environmental Protection Agency offices exercised weak controls over the agency’s public transit subsidy program, according to the EPA Office of Inspector General.

  • Lawmakers want info on new background check agency

    Two senators asked the Office of Personnel Management for an update on the creation of the new National Background Investigations Bureau.

  • Federal Benefits Q&A

    Question: “My colleague is 60 and has more than 30 years of federal service. He also has a grave illness and will not be able to work much longer. Although he is eligible for immediate retirement, he would like to file for disability retirement instead. I have heard that if a person is eligible for immediate retirement, there is a rule against granting disability retirement. Is that true?”

  • Informed Investor: Navigating the Medicare enrollment rules

    Many employees are, or will be in the near future, eligible for Medicare. This first of a series of columns discussing what employees need to know about Medicare examines Medicare Parts A and B, including what Medicare Parts A and B pay for, and the rules for enrolling in them.

  • Med school prep program open for applications

    Eligible enlisted Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and active-duty airmen who want to enter a program aimed at paving the way to a medical degree have until Oct. 7 to submit an email stating their intention to apply.

  • Legal Matters: Recommending a family member can cost you your job

    Hiring or internally recommending that your relative be hired for a position at a federal agency is a violation of the nepotism statute and can be met with serious consequences.

  • Senators call for FLTCIP hearings

    Two Senate lawmakers are asking for hearings to investigate the steep premium increases announced last month for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program.

  • AFGE praises decision to phase out contract prisons

    The American Federation of Government Employees cheered a Justice Department decision to phase out the use of privately operated prisons.

  • USPS employees charged in criminal sweep

    Federal authorities charged 33 people with crimes including mail theft and/or possession of stolen mail, conspiracy, embezzlement, bank fraud, and making false statements, the Justice Department announced.

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