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Federal Soup Top Stories

  • Ted Cruz has answer to border wall funding: El Chapo

    The United States government is currently seeking the criminal forfeiture of more than $14 billion in drug money from El Chapo — the former leader of a Mexican drug cartel — and a popular Texas lawmaker believes it is the answer to funding the border wall, a possible sticking point in averting the government shutdown.

  • Education key in pay, benefit disparity between feds and private sector

    The level of education of a federal employee significantly impacts pay disparities between working in government and the private sector, a new Congressional Budget Office report finds.

  • Some progress on CR negotiations

    While a big stumbling block still remains, some progress has been made in negotiating a $1 trillion spending bill needed to keep the federal government open after April 28.

  • Chaffetz will not seek another term

    The chairman of a powerful House oversight committee, who promised sweeping changes to the federal workforce, has announced that he will be resigning from federal government.

  • Trump, Mulvaney discuss CR negotiations

    In media interviews, both Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and President Trump discussed their views on negotiations of the spending bill needed to avert a government shutdown this week.

  • WH prepares for shutdown

    The Office of Budget and Management recently added a list of shutdown contingency plans to its website, but the administration is doing its best to put on a united front that they will in fact avoid a government shutdown.

  • Congressman wants to ‘decentralize’ federal government

    Having more than 300,000 federal workers and almost 700 leased or owned federal buildings all in one part of the country was not the plan of our Founding Fathers, an Ohio lawmaker believes.

  • Another agency extends hiring freeze

    The Transportation Security Administration has joined the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Broadcasting Board of Governors in a growing list of agencies deciding to continue its hiring freeze.

  • Report: ICE staffing, training issues hindering deportations

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs to improve its supervision of employees and management in order to appropriately meet the agency’s deportation goals and policies, a Department of Homeland Security inspector general found.

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