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    White House pushes OPM-GSA merger

    The White House budget proposed moving ahead with the administration’s reorganization plan to fold the Office of Personnel Management into the General Services Administration, and is exploring what can be done without congressional approval.

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    OPM: Pay raise coming soon

    Acting OPM Director Margaret Weichert said that the pay raise approved by lawmakers in the most recent appropriations package will hit paychecks after "exceedingly legalistic" hurdles are cleared.

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    Cuts to federal retirement, pay freeze part of new budget proposal

    The White House's fiscal year 2020 budget adds to a previously proposed pay freeze and retirement cuts with planned cuts to leave.

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  • Marijuana usage for feds bill introduced again

    A bill that would permit some federal employees to use marijuana without losing their jobs has been introduced again, but this time with an emphasis on veterans’ health.

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    DHS looks to hire security workers

    The department's budget requests $11.4 million to complete a new Cyber Talent Management System to hire and pay security workers based on their ability, not qualifications.

  • Fiscal 2020 budget request reduces overall number of leave days for feds

    The fiscal year 2020 budget request includes a proposal that would change how federal employees accrue and take paid time off, and would also reduce the overall number of leave days.

  • New 2020 budget calls for eliminating pensions for some new feds

    A senior administration official has confirmed that the Trump administration’s fiscal year 2020 budget request would establish a new retirement program for some federal workers that would bring federal benefits more aligned with the private sector, which often does not offer pensions to employees.

  • More than 1,000 TSA employees still have not received full shutdown back pay

    Federal employees are now in their third pay period since the end of partial government shutdown, yet more than 1,000 Transportation Security Administration workers still have not received their full back pay, and a group of democratic lawmakers want answers.


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