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Federal Soup Top Stories

  • Former CBP officials raise concern over hiring effort

    Several former top officials from Customs and Border Patrol have publically raised concern with the new administration’s plan to boost hiring at the agency.

  • Federal employees admit to watching porn at work

    An investigation by Washington D.C.’s News Channel 4 found that hundreds of federal employees said they have watched pornography at work.

  • New OPM rule offers background check exemption

    The Office of Personnel Management will now offer an exemption for agencies to no longer ask applicants for criminal or financial background information unless a conditional offer is made.

  • Not too late to make changes to 2016 IRA contributions - Part II

    In the second of two columns discussing 2016 IRA contributions and conversions, this week’s column continues the discussion of IRA contribution recharacterizations. The specifics of how an IRA owner performs a recharacterization is presented. Also presented is the recharacterization of a Roth IRA conversion, including why these recharacterizations are performed and associated deadlines.

  • Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

    Share prices as of Feb. 21, 2017.

  • Washington's Groundhog Day

    Why is Washington always reinventing the wheel? Coming up with "solutions" that have failed, time after time, in the past. It is one thing to consider options. It is another to keep repeating the same mistakes. Unless, if you are a cynic, you remember the phrase, "Cui bono," which means, "for whose benefit?"

  • Retaliation found at Oklahoma Marshals Service office

    Senior staff at the U.S. Marshals Service office in Oklahoma City punished employees for cooperating in an internal investigation, the Justice Department inspector general reported.

  • Federal Benefits Q&A

    Question: “My former spouse wants to create a ‘heritable asset' from her Civil Service Retirement System survivor benefit. How much will this reduce what's left of my CSRS annuity?”

  • DHS issues guidance on executive orders for border wall

    The Department of Homeland Security on Feb. 20 released a pair of memos offering additional detail and guidance concerning immigration and border enforcement policy under President Trump.

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