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    WH acts to make firing feds easier, unions react

    The Trump administration took a big step in its long march to peel back legal and regulatory protections on wrongful firing and discrimination against federal employees—and feds are reacting in outrage and focused action to stop the move. ​

  • Unions denounce spike in fed health insurance costs

    Federal employees and their unions are blasting—and trying to roll back—the recently announced price rise in health insurance premiums. How much is the increase? If you haven’t heard, brace yourself: almost 5 percent!

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters Washington DC. Shutterstock photo by By Polina LVT

    Groups complain about diversity training crackdown

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce led a nationwide coalition of trade associations and business groups in a letter opposing the Trump administration's executive order on diversity and inclusion training.

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    Army in serious need of data talent

    The Army needs to develop specific skill sets and retool or retrain existing workforce, said Mark Gorak, the director of people analytics for the Assistant Secretary of the Army Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

  • Fed execs report weak recruiting, retention

    Federal agencies are their own worst enemy in hiring and keeping staff for a kaleidoscope of government jobs, according to a recent survey of federal executives.

  • health data (everything

    Feds' health premiums to rise in 2021

    The coronavirus pandemic was a driver in keeping premium hikes lower than otherwise would have been the case, according to an OPM official.

  • telehealth at VA clinic (Department of Veterans Affairs)

    OPM promotes more telemedicine options due to COVID-19

    Federal employee’s health plans will include more options for remote medicine as the COVID-19 pandemic grows across the country.

  • soldier and IoT sensor network

    Army looking to virtual training

    As social distancing becomes the norm, the Army increasingly looks to virtual training.

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