FEND, VOL 67 NO 40 April 15, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


WH pushes feds to pay more for retirement, healthcare ... The current administration in recent weeks has shifted its focus toward public ... Agency leaders now have the direct hiring authority to boost the federal IT workforce ... Country


FEND, VOL 67 NO 39 April 1, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Getting your post-tax time finances on track ... As tax season arrives, many of us will discover that the new tax law and calculation ... This spring, feds and their unions continue to chug along lobbying for long-gestating ... Stay Connected


FEND, VOL 67 NO 38 March 18, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Paid family leave: Bill fuels fed employee hopes—and experts see wide-ranging ... This week, Nathan Abse interviews Jeffrey Wenger, a labor economist and senior policy ... Yet, we are constantly surprised when we learn how they do things.


FEND, VOL 67 NO 37 March 4, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Employees Have Until Tax Filing Deadline to “Recharacterize” 2018 IRA Contributions By Edward A. Zurndorfer This week’s column discusses the “recharacterization” of IRA contributions. ... Army ends childcare subsidy unions urge reinstatement


FEND, VOL 67 NO 36 February 18, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Employees Have Until Tax Filing Deadline to Make 2018 IRA Contributions - Part I By Edward A. Zurndorfer Although calendar year 2018 has concluded, employees and their spouses have until ... Unions, employees and experts warn against shutdown


FEND, VOL 67 NO 35 February 4, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


As reporters, we were paid more than administrative types which is sad, because we ... Political scientist: Many factors lead to shutdowns—but fixes are gaining ground ... Country ... Continuous multi-factor authentication put to the test


FEND, VOL 67 NO 34 January 21, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Employees Should Review 2019 TSP Contribution Amounts By Edward A. Zurndorfer The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) announced employee contribution limits have increased ... Feds and allies rally to protest long lapse in funding ... Submit a question


FEND, VOL 67 NO 33 January 7, 2019 -- FederalSoup.com


Request Site License Quote ... Some Important Social Security Changes Resulting from 2.8 Percent COLA Effective Jan. 1, 2019 By Edward A. Zurndorfer Effective Jan. 1, 2019, Social Security recipients received a 2.8 percent cost-of- ...


FEND, VOL 67 NO 32 December 17, 2018 -- FederalSoup.com


The federal government was officially closed in observance of memorial services for ... Investors in Non-Retirement Brokerage Accounts Should Understand the “Wash Sale” Rules By Edward A. Zurndorfer This week’s column discusses “wash sales”.


FEND, VOL 67 NO 31 December 3, 2018 -- FederalSoup.com


Fight for adequate COLA for feds remains up the air, says leading advocacy By Edward A. Zurndorfer Employees who invest in mutual funds held in non-retirement brokerage accounts at ... Senior Executives to hold Presidential Awards summit


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