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How does the private sector look these days?

Be honest now.

A lot of comments posted by readers of this blog have expressed a lot of frustration with the seemingly endless congressional assault on federal pay and benefits.

Most long-time feds, at least those nearing the end of their careers, are hanging on, although more than a few have said they would take a buyout if one were offered.

On the other hand, a good number of younger feds—those with a lot more years between them and their retirement—have expressed a growing anger at Congress’ tinkering with the pay, benefits and retirement they had assumed they would have throughout their federal careers. And with more workforce reductions announced every month, long-term job security appears to under threat as well.

As the prospect of a stable federal career fades, a lot of younger feds have begun to grind their teeth over the pay gap with the private sector.

So we are wondering, younger feds: Have you begun to look outside the federal fold? Or are you willing to play wait-and-see?

Inquiring bloggers want to know.

Posted by Phil Piemonte on May 31, 2011 at 4:02 PM

Reader comments

Mon, Jul 18, 2011

I'm nearing retirement and waiting a few more months or buyout (whichever comes first) but have this observation and piece of advice to young employees. If I am a married twenty or thirty something employee; one spouse would work private and the other public. Splitting the difference makes the best of both worlds. The private worker would be the one with the most experience/education which hopefully will allow a longer private career. A suggestion...

Wed, Jun 15, 2011

What I want to say to the people "in the White House" is: Maybe if you were doing YOUR jobs, we wouldn't be in the "situation" we are now in. Too bad your "Salaries are not Performance Based". Those "in power" sometimes loose site of the "whole picture", Brooksley Born proved that! Bottom line, we rely on you to make sound decisions that will protect what we are invested in! We won't get the backing or "regulations" we need until the people in power "regulate themselves"!! Come on, we know we are the "whipping boys", the "real problem, is not us! Make those in the White House wear clothing like a Race Car Driver, complete with All "SPONSOR'S NAMES"!!

Thu, Jun 9, 2011 MS DC area

Definitely going back to private sector as soon as possible. The quality of employees in the government is not what I am used to. I am willing to take a pay cut to go back. Have no intention of returning.

Wed, Jun 8, 2011

In a word, YES. I would very seriously consider jumping ship for the right offer.

Tue, Jun 7, 2011 HarleyLar

I have 22 years in and plan to retire in 8 years. Leaving isn't really an option with so much invested in FERS. In 2005 I managed 9 employees, 5 military and 4 civilian. Over the years they took all my military slots and one civilian slot while the workload remained the same. Now the AF is only hiring one for every two that leave. When it's a decision between hiring another worker bee and hiring bosses the bosses will win out every time. They say do more with less, now its do more with nothing.

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