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Solidarity? Or not so much?

If recently proposed federal budget cuts sparked some heated comments from federal employee groups over the last few days, then the subsequent announcement of even deeper cuts likely will inflame things further.

After a bit of intra-party squabbling, Republicans on House Appropriations Committee now say they plan to increase 2011 budget cuts (in the upcoming continuing resolution to fund the rest of fiscal 2011) from a previously announced $74 billion to the $100 billion that members—especially new members—campaigned on last year.

In other words, the cuts will be one-third greater than the amount announced just days ago.

While a federal employee union’s march to Capitol Hill this week to protest the cuts was relatively modest, a thousand or less marchers, it was a demonstration of employee solidarity in the face of an impending fiscal squeeze—the effects of which (non-DoD and non-security) employees are bound to feel in the workplace. And as we’ve read in comments here many times: A smaller budget doesn’t mean a smaller work load.

Feds’ attitudes toward federal employee unions run the gamut, from good to bad to indifferent. But as the vise tightens, and feds feel even more targeted, might more of them look for a unified voice, as some did in D.C. this week?

What do you think?

Posted by Phil Piemonte on Feb 11, 2011 at 4:02 PM

Reader comments

Fri, Apr 29, 2011

The USA should get back all military from Irak, Afganistan, stop the wars. Why we should pay fro this? We spend so much money for wars, weapons,... All presidents think about politics only, not about economy, not about us, not about you, not about me. They can do everything for politics, for company's, that supported our president's.

Tue, Feb 22, 2011

It truly is a shame that the U.S. sends and spends so much superfulous money around the world,but can't really manage to care of their own. Cut back on trying to buy the world's friendship and clean up your own front yard.

Wed, Feb 16, 2011

Federal Employees are not allowed to strike, not even for one day. The day you are hired is the day you sign this right away. That one day strike means we all lose our jobs and are replaced by others who are happy we went on strike for one day.

Tue, Feb 15, 2011

I'm a federal worker with 29 years of service. I have been forced to work all over the country at times that caused hardships in my life. I wouldn't mind this new hardship if the president and congress would order no COLA's for the rest of the people with their hands in my paycheck i.e. My health insurance had a COLA,State Tax went up,the soc/sec that went down I don't pay into so no savings there. What about gasoline, heating oil,food,property taxes etc.They are all on the rise. Freeze the cost of all the essentials and people won't mind helping out but as long as wages are frozen without cost controls on the basics needs of life the food stamp line will get longer. (if they don't cut that too!)

Tue, Feb 15, 2011

I can understand utter stupidity, we put up with that for 8yrs, but flat out willfull ignorance on the part of our lawmakers is inexcuseable. Just like the villification of tobacco users by imposing a 2200% tax increase to prop up another failed policy (SCHIP), now the burdon of the nations debt woes falls on the evil highly paid Federal worker. Give us bailout money to opt for early outs and there will be a stampede for the door.

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