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Here come those 2011 deductibles ...

OK—the 2010 open season for the Federal Employees Healthcare Benefits Program is finally history. The time for looking at rate charts, brochures and competing plans is over.

Some folks suffered big-time sticker shock over increased premiums for 2011 coverage; others weren’t hit as hard by their plan. A lot of people gritted their teeth and went on.

We’re wondering how the readers of this blog responded to this year’s offerings.

We’re especially wondering about folks who were not in the teeth-gritting group—people who actually made some major changes in their healthcare coverage, switching plans or deductible levels.

What did you do? Besides the cost, what were the major factors affecting your decisionmaking?

Posted by Phil Piemonte on Dec 14, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Reader comments

Mon, Jan 3, 2011 Hook Virginia

Au contraire, Alphaopera.I am a SS recipient, still working, and my Medicare premiums went up! Not all of us "old timers" are a drain on the budget. I paid more than my share into the system!

Mon, Dec 20, 2010 Cindy Baker Oregon Coast

Since BCBS was one of the biggest financiers of the Presidents health care plan that will force my perfectly healthy daughter to buy insurance she doesn't want or need, I boycotted them this year. Good thing too. I found several great plans that cost a lot less and I can still see the same doctors. Try reading up on these people.

Thu, Dec 16, 2010 Dayton

It's bad enought that the premiums increased, but with the new freeze on pay increases we are going to actually take a pay cut, same money coming in but more money going out.
Thanks Uncle Sam.

Thu, Dec 16, 2010

Health care insurance is a FOR-PROFIT industry; therefore the whining about rate hikes will continue because the shareholders are more important than sick people. Be glad you are not in the private sector. I have consultant friends who pay over $400 per month as an individual.

Wed, Dec 15, 2010 Alphaopera Pittsburgh, Pa.

Unlike the first-class citizens (Social Security recipients) my Medicare amount increased last year, and will increase again this year. The SS recipients are shielded from any increases when there is no COLA. What galls me, a portion of the increase is to cover the shielded SS recipients. Senator Kerry (D-Mass) has offered an amendment to also shield non-SS recipients, but Congress is too busy with concerns about the fat cats. I enjoyed my federal service, but lately the we have become hostage to the whims of Congress. Notice they always exclude themselves and their over-populated staffs from any of these laws.

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