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Never a dull moment

Well, it looks like feds are being asked by the White House to share the pain of the private sector with a two-year pay freeze.

Among early reactions, the National Treasury Employees Union says the 1.4 percent raise that had been in discussion is “modest” and reflects numbers out there in the private sector. In panning the decision, the National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees cites figures that indicate U.S. salaries will increase by an average of 2.91 percent in 2011. And the Federal Managers Association says the freeze will make it nigh on impossible for the government to hire the best job candidates.

The administration says the move would save $2 billon for the rest of FY 2011, and $28 billion over the next five years.

Onlookers are sure to ascribe various motives to the president’s proposal. Some will brand the move as political—that the president is succumbing to popular pressure. Others will say the freeze is necessary and fiscally responsible. Some may say it’s a combination.

What do you think?

Posted by Phil Piemonte on Nov 29, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Reader comments

Mon, Dec 6, 2010

IF they pass the freeze & save all the money they claim they will, where will that savings go????? To pay off existing debt OR more bailouts, stimulus plans etc?????????????????

Mon, Dec 6, 2010 Linda Milwaukee, WI

I have been a Federal employee for 37 yrs & have seen small & a few large yearly pay raises. I DO realize our country is in a financial mess due to the present leaders. IF ALL Federal Employees including Congress, the Senate & president took the same pay freeze for 2 yrs I'd be all for it. However we all know they always manage to find the money to give themselves a hefty raise & then give us a small percentage.

Fri, Dec 3, 2010

So much is being made about the pay freeze (but isn't that what the media and unions thrive on?) We have a HUGE Deficit and everyone needs to do there part to reduce it. A pay freeze is better than No pay at all!

Thu, Dec 2, 2010 Tonya Utah

My thoughts are if we are going to cut Federal pay to decrease the deficit then we also need to put a plan in place to where they freeze our Insurance premiums for our Health care for 2011, as government workers. So we are not as affected by this change and drastic decision. I agree with all the comments on Congressional pay. Cost of living continues to go up and Congress is keeping up with the economy. I mean we are supporting the Warfighter doesn't that matter the bottom line individuals?

Thu, Dec 2, 2010 Dave Oregon

I have spent over 35 years in public service--20 in federal, 15 in state gov't. So, I am pretty much inured to the perception (albeit, false) of gov't employees, even though the vast majority of public employees I have worked with are very dedicated, conscientious, hard working folks. But, I can accept a pay freeze, given the current economy. What bothers me, however, is that it is effectively a pay CUT, because there is no freeze on health insurance, which goes up each and every year. If those costs could be reined in, then I'm okay with the President's proposal, for two years anyway.

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