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Everybody wants to get into the act...

Wow. If you (or we) thought things would calm down for feds after the elections, we all have another think coming.

For one thing, a major newspaper (yup, USA Today again) has run another piece taking aim at feds who make $150K or more. Guess that’s par for the course at this point.

But now the two co-chairs of the president’s bipartisan deficit commission have released a set of draft recommendations that include a downsizing of the federal workforce and a pay freeze, as well as a list of other suggested cost-saving measures that would put the squeeze on various agencies across the government.

Of course, these are only draft recommendations, and they will be hotly discussed among the 18 members of the group, officially known as the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Fourteen of these members must agree on the final document by Dec. 1, after which it is slated to be sent to the president.

You can find some of the draft recommendations here. We’ll bet you have some comments…

Posted by Phil Piemonte on Nov 12, 2010 at 4:02 PM

Reader comments

Fri, Dec 3, 2010

I agree with Denumes's artical above. Congress gets away with much to much. They should be leading by example but they don't. Nancy Polosi and the whole gang are nothing but a bunch of liers. They make me sick

Fri, Nov 19, 2010

Federal salaries are a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg that gushes forth federal monies. For once, take a real look at our procurement practices. The $800 hammer is alive and well, and well-disguised. Have people that will be using a system have some oversight of its development and purchase. Make sure that the contracting officer that signs the check knows what the heck he is signing for, instead of just whether or not a list of milestones that happens to match the sales brochure has been met. Make EVERY federal worker's pay 20% less, but make it tax exempt. How much money is wasted handing funds back and forth between the agency I work for, and the IRS? I work until May just to pay for my "refund". Rein in salaries from the top down; by the time you get to my end of the totem pole, maybe you'll leave me alone.

Thu, Nov 18, 2010 Editor

Just a quick note -- the House today (Nov. 18) passed the final telework bill. It now goes to the president. It will start to kick in six months after the president signs the bill.

Thu, Nov 18, 2010 Glen Dallas, Texas

I agree with many others. When I see people truly suffering (as many are) its hard for me to argue that I should be exempted from any pain in the process. For example, it was noted that in something as basic as food security (defined as involuntary missing two or more meals within a week I think) that Texas is number two in the nation. The North Texas Food Bank has seen a 40% increase in requests for assistance from individuals, shelters, and soup kitchens. If it was part of a comprehensive plan to effectively begin putting our Federal fiscal house in order and do something for the overall improvement of society I would happily be willing to forego pay increases for the next 3 years. Sadly, our legislature doesn't do anything that is comprehensive but only that which is expedient. If you want to see a bloated buearacracy sometime, take a look at the list of Congressional committees. If I recall correctly, there are close to 300 committees each with a staff, office space, and (according to the FY 2009 Budget) a minimum budget of almost $4M (some have more) for a total minimum of $1.2B. There are (if memory serves) at least 5 different committees that have the phrase "Homeland Security" in their title. Most of the staffers tend to be political patronage jobs that go to industry representatives and contractors that have supported various members or parties. And we wonder why we have a problem.

Thu, Nov 18, 2010 Ducemus New Jersey

Let's see, here. Fed salaries (excluding SES) are capped at $155,500, and the most junior member of Congress makes MORE than that number. Their version of FEHB is a lot better than ours, and they get to make money through speaking fees, PACs, etc. We have to get second jobs. If they want cuts, cut their perks first; i.e. drivers, aides, expense accounts - and make them pay bills like everyone else. AND no more pension credits for the House and Senate where they get to have pensions after only sitting for one term! Cut the pork from the porkers before asking people who make a lot less to sacrifice.

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