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Is the military on the hook for paying for the border wall?

President Trump has had private discussions with the Speaker of the House about his promised Southern U.S. border wall being funding with the U.S. military budget.

Lawmakers can cut individual fed’s pay under new rule

House Republicans this week voted to reinstate an old procedural rule from the 19th century that allows House members to propose amendments that reduce the pay of specific federal employees and also eliminate entire positions and federal programs.


Defense contractors paid too much, senator says

Sen. Bernie Sanders is asking Defense Secretary James Mattis to rein in excessive compensation of defense contractors and address the misconduct and fraud in the defense contracting industry.

Lawmaker criticizes WH proposal for fed pay freeze

A top lawmaker is criticizing the White House plan to freeze pay for feds in fiscal year 2019, saying that if enacted it would be harmful to agencies and their efforts to recruit and retain employees in federal service.

OPM gives agencies some flexibility on shutdown back pay

The Office of Personnel Management is giving agencies some flexibility on how to administer back pay and leave to employees affected by the government shutdown earlier this month.

WH budget plan: Fed unions slam cuts

The White House issued its FY 2019 federal budget proposal—dubbed “An American Budget” — this week, outlining the spending and cutting priorities of the current administration.

Report: Proposed 2019 budget could slow tenure-based raises

Senior officials from the Office of Management and Budget said the White House wants to change how feds are paid and will release proposed changes on Feb. 12.

Viewpoint: Retaining the best is important as removing poor performers

The talk from the current White House about federal employees often is about removing poor performers more easily, but the focus really should be about rewarding good performance, according to recent opinion piece.

OPM releases back pay guidance

The Office of Personnel Management has released guidance to federal agencies on how to administer back pay to federal employees.

Senator questions 2019 budget proposal that includes pay freeze, border wall funding

A ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has raised a number of concerns with a budget proposal by the Office of Management and Budget for fiscal year 2019 that includes a pay freeze for all federal employees.