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GSA begins plans to upgrade fed payroll system

The General Services Administration is now in the beginning stages of plans to upgrade and modernize its civilian federal employee payroll system.

Ohio lawmaker opposes Pon's retirement cuts proposal

While the Office of Personnel Management director wants to make federal employee retirement benefits more in line with the public sector, one lawmaker says the proposed changes only make the federal government a less attractive employer than the private sector.

White House presses for pay-for-performance—but expert criticizes outline of plan

This week, Nathan Abse talks to James L. Perry, a professor emeritus of public administration at the University of Indiana and recognized expert on government and civil service reform.

CDC HQ in Dekalb County, Ga.

CDC leader requests pay cut

Dr. Robert Redfield Jr., the Director of the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has asked for a reduction in his pay, just one week after questions were raised about why he was earning so much.

Feds in six regions to get higher locality pay in 2019

Federal employees in six metropolitan areas will likely begin receiving higher locality pay in 2019 to account for large pay gaps with non-federal employers.

Feds paid 32 percent less than private sector

A new report finds that private-sector workers are paid, on average, 32 percent more than federal employees in similar occupations.

Is the military on the hook for paying for the border wall?

President Trump has had private discussions with the Speaker of the House about his promised Southern U.S. border wall being funding with the U.S. military budget.

Lawmakers can cut individual fed’s pay under new rule

House Republicans this week voted to reinstate an old procedural rule from the 19th century that allows House members to propose amendments that reduce the pay of specific federal employees and also eliminate entire positions and federal programs.


Defense contractors paid too much, senator says

Sen. Bernie Sanders is asking Defense Secretary James Mattis to rein in excessive compensation of defense contractors and address the misconduct and fraud in the defense contracting industry.

Lawmaker criticizes WH proposal for fed pay freeze

A top lawmaker is criticizing the White House plan to freeze pay for feds in fiscal year 2019, saying that if enacted it would be harmful to agencies and their efforts to recruit and retain employees in federal service.

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