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Lawmakers reintroduce fair pay legislation

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) has introduced the same legislation for the last four years, a bill that will provide federal employees a pay raise at the beginning of the new year, and his fight for 2019 is no different.

IRS releases new tax withholding guidelines

The Internal Revenue Service on Jan. 11 released the new income-tax withholding tables as part of the recently approved $1.5 trillion tax reform bill, and it shows that employees could start seeing changes in their paychecks as soon as next month.

Trump makes appointments to Federal Salary Council

After nearly a year of inaction, President Trump has finally announced his intent to appoint two people to the Federal Salary Council.

Administration has yet to make appointments to Federal Salary Council

The Trump administration has not yet made appointments to the Federal Salary Council, leaving the job of tailoring regional salaries undone.

NTEU calls for pay parity in raises

The National Treasury Employees Union is calling on Congress to give civilian federal employees a 2.4 percent pay raise in 2018, which is what military members received in the 2018 National Defense Authorization.

Employees can now donate leave due to Hurricane Irma

Similar to leave policy changes for employees affected by Hurricane Harvey, federal employees can now donate leave to co-workers affected by Hurricane Irma.

No agreement on amendment that would repeal sequestration

Republicans are blaming their Democratic colleagues for the Senate’s failure to vote on an amendment that would repeal sequestration.

Bill to fund overtime pay for Secret Service agents OK'd

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on this week passed legislation that will fund salary and overtime pay to Secret Service agents.

OPM supporting Harvey relief effort

The Office of Personnel Management approved a special solicitation of federal employees, allowing requests for donations at the workplace to support the disaster relief effort for Hurricane Harvey.

Postal workers receive COLA, wage increase

Career letter carriers have begun earning the first two cost-of-living adjustments as part of a new contract as well as the 1.2 percent general wage increase that was effective this past November.

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