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Report: Pay raise coming next month

According to a congressional aide with knowledge of the 2019 federal employee pay raise timeline, the Office of Personnel Management will publish new pay tables for the various pay systems and localities in March.

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Pay Agent has ‘major’ issues with pay gap methodology

The President’s Pay Agent in its annual report on federal employee salaries and compensation, said it has “major methodological concerns” with how the Federal Salary Council calculates the pay disparity between federal employees and the private sector workers.

NTEU urges OPM to quickly implement 2019 pay raise

In a letter to the head of the Office of Personnel Management, National Treasury Employees Union President Anthony Reardon asked that the 2019 federal pay raise be published and implemented as soon as possible.

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Administration thwarts states’ efforts to help furloughed feds

Eight states have been warned by the Trump Administration about the legalities of providing furloughed federal employees unemployment benefits during the shutdown.

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Report: Shutdown less likely, prospects for 1.9% raise look better

Members of the House and Senate working to hash out a compromise on much-discussed “minibus” spending bills to keep the federal government going are making progress, according to a recent report.

Union to politicians: Lift the pay freeze!

A major federal employee union has renewed its demand that members and other feds get the pay raise they deserve.

Lawmakers urge Congress to give feds a pay raise

Eight House Democrats who represent the D.C.-metro area have penned a letter to congressional leaders asking them to give federal employees a raise for 2019, despite the president’s call for a pay freeze.

Trump cancels 2019 pay raise for feds

Federal employees will not be getting their expected pay raise next year; President Trump scrapped the plan, calling it “inappropriate.”

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Report: FEMA overpaid temp employees

Last year, during one of the most challenging disaster response periods in the Federal Emergency Management Agency history, the agency overpaid some of its temporary emergency response workers.

White House ‘concerned’ about pay raise for feds

In a statement of its positions on a Senate spending bill that includes a 1.9 percent pay raise for federal civilian employees next year, the Office of Management and Budget said it was “concerned."

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