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ACLU sues president over transgender military ban

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland on Monday filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s ban of transgender servicesmembers.

Trump threatens gov't shutdown if border wall is not funded

President Trump during remarks this week at a rally in Phoenix, Ariz., threatened to shut down the federal government over funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, causing members of Congress from both sides to speak out against his comments.

CBO report: Sequestration unlikely

The Congressional Budget Office has reaffirmed its earlier findings that discretionary spending for 2017 remains unchanged, therefore a sequestration will not be necessary.

Time for annual OPM pay rate review

The Office of Personnel Management is asking agencies to review the special higher rates of pay they use to ensure sufficient recruitment and retention of certain General Schedule employees in specific occupations, grades and locations.

Senator questions ACA exemption for Congress

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has sent a letter to the Office of Personnel Management acting director seeking more for information on the OPM rule that grants an Affordable Care Act exemption to Congress and its staff.

Contractors warned to prepare for shutdown

The president of Professional Services Council, which represents 400 services and information technology organizations that provide services to federal agencies, said contractors should now begin planning for a government shutdown.

USPS business operations up, but total revenue remains down

The U.S. Postal Service urged for postal reform and regulatory relief in its fiscal year 2017 third quarter earnings report.

Bill aimed at cracking down on feds' abuse of travel benefits passes Senate

The Senate approved a bill that aims to crack down on waste, fraud and abuse by federal employees while they travel for work.

WH still behind on appointments and confirmations, but tempo has picked up recently

The Trump administration continues to run behind, compared with other recent administrations, in carrying out the appointment and confirmation of several thousand key political appointees at executive branch agencies.

Bill improves whistleblower protections

New bipartisan legislation will help ensure that federal agencies are taking the necessary steps to protect, correct and prevent retaliation against whistleblowers.

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