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Senate measure would tie official time with retirement benefits

The Senate is considering two measures that aim to address “official time,” and put restrictions on some federal employee’s retirement benefits.

GSA raises minimum thresholds to support Hurricane Harvey relief

The General Services Administration has relaxed certain contracting rules to expedite rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of recent hurricanes.

VA hospital employees protest unfilled vacancies

Veterans Affairs hospital employees have been staging protests across the country demanding that the department fill 49,000 vacancies immediately to ensure veterans receive the care they need.

Shutdown threat ends with WH-Congress spending deal

After months of worry about a looming government shutdown, Congress and the White House Sept. 7 reached a widely-reported deal that—when passed and signed—will end that threat.

USPS wants to lift a cap on postal rates

The U.S. Postal Service is currently petitioning the Postal Regulatory Commission to receive permission to lift a cap on postal rates as part of an effort to relieve its financial troubles.

Shut down threats create dilemmas, different problems for current feds, recruits

This week, FEND’s Nathan Abse speaks with Bill Lunch, professor emeritus of political science at Southern Oregon University and longtime observer of presidential and congressional politics. Lunch considers the latest storm in Washington: Will President Trump press his fight against a reluctant Congress to win funding for the wall—and even risk a shutdown of federal agencies if lawmakers continue to delay in pursuing his border barrier plan?

Shutdown looms—again? White House threatens to shutter agencies unless border wall is funded

President Trump—concerned about flagging congressional support for his proposed multibillion-dollar border control barrier—is threatening to veto an upcoming debt ceiling bill that Congress must pass to keep agencies open, unless lawmakers vote to fund the wall project.

Will unfilled top federal posts affect storm recovery?

Conservatives have condemned President Trump for leaving hundreds of senior federal jobs open, which is now leading to questions about staffing, oversight and total costs of Hurricane Harvey recovery.

CBO examines potential changes to fed benefits

The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday released a report outlining options for reducing the costs of retirement benefits for federal employees.

ACLU sues president over transgender military ban

The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland on Monday filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s ban of transgender servicesmembers.

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