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Shutdown countdown continues, as WH offers no guarantee on lawmakers’ deals

To the relief of many Washington-watchers—and many, but clearly not all, federal employees—both House and Senate had announced deals that could command enough votes to prevent another shutdown.

Senator questions 2019 budget proposal that includes pay freeze, border wall funding

A ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has raised a number of concerns with a budget proposal by the Office of Management and Budget for fiscal year 2019 that includes a pay freeze for all federal employees.

IRS releases new tax withholding guidelines

The Internal Revenue Service on Jan. 11 released the new income-tax withholding tables as part of the recently approved $1.5 trillion tax reform bill, and it shows that employees could start seeing changes in their paychecks as soon as next month.

Another shutdown averted

Congress on Thursday passed a stopgap spending bill that will fund the federal government through mid-January, once again avoiding a looming shutdown.

Unions embrace temporary deal to avoid shutdown

Federal employee unions are applauding the fact that Congress and the White House have struck a temporary bargain—just in time to avoid a government shutdown.

Lawmakers consider making changes to harassment policies

As the process for reporting sexual harassment in the federal workforce has come under scrutiny, members of the House Administration Committee are examining needed changes.

Government expert, former Hill counsel faults top leadership for shutdown threats

A distinguished law professor—whose resume includes stints as deputy general counsel for the House and assistant legal counsel in the Senate—denounced the recent round of shutdown threats facing government employees and the wider country that they serve, in an interview with Federal Soup.

Agencies begin preparing for gov't shutdown

White House officials have told agency leaders to begin preparing for a lapse in appropriations if Congress does not reach a budget deal by Dec. 8, which will lead to a government shutdown.

House OKs bill extending probationary period

The House on Thursday passed a bill that extends the probationary period for new federal employees from one year to two years.

Another shutdown threat looms

Lawmakers must pass a spending deal by Dec. 8 in order to avoid a government shutdown and a long term solution is bleak as President Trump is not wavering in a demand for funding of the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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