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Agencies encouraged to review, update employee awards plans

The Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management have released new guidance on how agencies should reward high performing employees.

Fed paid family leave passes in House

The House Defense authorization bill, which contains a provision that would permit federal employees to move from taking unpaid family leave to taking paid family leave, passed the House of Representatives.

CBP hiring bill advances in the Senate

Bipartisan legislation that aims to strengthen border security and address law enforcement shortages at ports of entry has advanced in the Senate.

Senators urge OPM to rescind proposed background investigation rule

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers has joined efforts to ask the Office of Personnel Management to revoke a current notice of a proposed rule change that would require federal job seekers to disclose some non-conviction records in order to be considered for employment.

Opioids: President, federal officials highlight efforts to combat epidemic

This week, at the Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit hosted here, the federal government came under the news spotlight—for the many federal agencies countering the country’s opioid epidemic, and for the many federal statistics cited on the catastrophe’s massive costs to individuals, families and the economy

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Trump officially transfers security clearance duties to DOD

President Trump has officially transferred the security clearance process to the Department of Defense from the Office of Personnel Management.

Dems pen letter urging denial of funds for OPM reorg

House Democrats on April 4 sent a letter to their colleagues on the Appropriations Committee urging them to reject funding for the planned merger of General Services Administration and the Office of Personnel Management.

Feds, unions: Push is on for FY 2020 raise and paid leave

This spring, feds and their unions continue to chug along lobbying for long-gestating proposals for a small pay raise and common-sense bills that offer modest expansions in other areas of federal compensation, such as paid leave time.

Paid family leave: Bill fuels fed employee hopes—and experts see wide-ranging benefits

This week, Nathan Abse interviews Jeffrey Wenger, a labor economist and senior policy researcher with RAND—and an expert on non-wage benefits—on this important potential perk for feds.

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Rep. Quigley: GSA leader misled lawmakers in FBI headquarter testimony

The House Appropriations Committee is continuing its investigation into the Trump administration’s decision to end efforts to move the FBI headquarters out of Washington, D.C., and into to the suburbs.

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