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Senate confirms new FBI director

The Senate has confirmed the replacement of former FBI Director James Comey, who was ousted by President Trump in May.

OPM nominee withdraws

President Trump’s nominee to head the Office of Personnel Management has requested a withdrawal of his nomination.

Outsourcing of civilian DOD jobs blocked

Lawmakers sponsored an amendment to the Department of Defense’s spending bill that kept civilian defense jobs from being outsourced.

No written command yet on ban of transgender servicemembers

The U.S. Army chief of staff says he will not take any action on a ban of transgender service members until he receives a written directive that has gone through the chain of command.

Republicans urge against cuts to feds' retirement benefits in letter

A group of Republicans has written a letter to House leadership expressing concern over proposed cuts to federal employee retirement programs.

First attempts of 'Holman Rule' unsuccessful

Lawmakers have made their first use of the “Holman Rule,” which enables them to reduce the number of federal workers at specific agencies or cut their salaries as a provision of or an amendment to an appropriations bill.

Senate panel advances 'official time' bill

A Senate panel on July 26 approved legislation requiring the Office of Personnel Management to submit an annual report to Congress on the use of official time by federal employees.

Trump reinstates military transgender ban via Twitter

Just one week after the Department of Defense announced a stay in the transgender inclusion policy for the military, President Trump announced via Twitter that the U.S. military will not be moving forward on the plan.

Washington lawmakers fight to protect federal workers from chemical exposure

Ranking members in the Senate on Monday announced efforts aimed at ensuring that the Department of Energy is protecting its workers in or near the tank farms at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state from exposure to dangerous chemicals.

House rejects VA funding plan

The House on Monday rejected a plan to allow the Department of Veterans Affairs to redirect funds to cover an expected budget shortfall that could threaten medical care for thousands of patients.

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