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Feds prepare for Hurricane Florence

Multiple federal agencies with facilities in the path of Hurricane Florence's likely landfall are mobilized and preparing for the worst.

GAO releases report on 2017 breach, agency response

GAO has released a new report on the 2017 Equifax data breach along with how agencies responded.

Lawmakers, American Bar Assoc. want to block executive order

A Virginia lawmaker is seeking to block the president’s recent executive order that removes all administrative law judges from the competitive examination and selection process.

Latest EO changes the way agency judges are selected

President Trump has issued an executive order that eliminates the testing process for administrative law judges at federal agencies, making it easier for the administration to have influence over the process of hiring judges.

House members file brief opposing workforce executive orders

A bipartisan group of current and former House members has filed an amicus brief in the case of several federal employee unions that are challenging three workforce executive orders issued by President Trump.

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Unions denounce Janus, vow to fight on

The Supreme Court's Janus decision has drawn condemnation from labor unions but their leadership vows to fight on.

Janus decision: No "death knell" for labor

The union loss in the Janus Supreme Court decision may not be a death knell for the union movement, according to one commentator.

Cyber Attack

2015 OPM data hack resurfaces in financial crime

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are expressing concern about reports that OPM data hacked by China a few years ago have resurfaced as part of a white-collar crime.

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NTEU: Congress must vet WH plan to reorganize government

The National Treasury Employees Union is confronting the White House by challenging the direction of the administration's proposal to reorganize the government.

MSPB has only one of three members

The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board has only one member, according to the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, and the lack of a full a quorum has been preventing board from deciding on any appeals.

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