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NTEU: WH call to ease firing 'a step backward'

Federal employee unions have begun to respond to the State of the Union address—which spotlighted legislative and policy proposals that—if enacted—would shake the foundations of the federal civil service.

Lawmakers reintroduce fair pay legislation

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) has introduced the same legislation for the last four years, a bill that will provide federal employees a pay raise at the beginning of the new year, and his fight for 2019 is no different.

CBP staff shortage affecting workplace safety, U.S. economy

Customs and Border Protection is running far short of the staffing level it needs to run safely and effectively, according to the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents tens of thousands of CBP employees.

Union: New tax law should be matched by more funding for IRS

The National Treasury Employees Union has reacted to passage of the new tax overhaul in Congress with a strong statement of need for greater resources at the agency that must implement the heavy revamp of the system.

News report: OPM memo allows agencies to undercut fed unions

The latest bang on the head of federal employees and their unions comes from the Office of Personnel Management—which, recently issued a memo suggesting that management can stop honoring collective bargaining agreements.

Unions embrace temporary deal to avoid shutdown

Federal employee unions are applauding the fact that Congress and the White House have struck a temporary bargain—just in time to avoid a government shutdown.

NTEU calls for pay parity in raises

The National Treasury Employees Union is calling on Congress to give civilian federal employees a 2.4 percent pay raise in 2018, which is what military members received in the 2018 National Defense Authorization.

Federal unions help press House to reject—for now—cuts in pay, benefits

A range of cuts—some deep and some shallow—to federal pay and benefits, proposed in various House of Representatives bills in recent months, ran into solid federal employee and union opposition, and most of the worst cuts, for now, have been defeated.

Economic historian Peter Philips discusses forces affecting American labor, federal employee unions

An excerpt of an interview with University of Utah economic historian Peter Philips, who looks back at the twentieth century up to the present day—and traces the rise and fall of labor organizations as they struggled to represent workers, including federal employees and their unions.

Lawmakers take aim at firing processes

House Republicans are planning to send a letter to the Trump administration and are garnering signatures to help them promote and solicit interest in easing the firing process for employees across the federal government.

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