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GAO: Recruitment of disabled grows, but retention lags

A new Government Accountability Office review of recruiting and retention efforts to increase the number of employees with disabilities at federal agencies shows some bright spots, such as improved recruiting, but also finds ample room for improvement, most pointedly in retention.

Texas Army National Guard (Airman 1st Class Charissa A. Menken)

Same mission, different pay for National Guard

National Guard troops are usually are called up for domestic duty by governors, not by the Department of Defense, and — just as with other state workers — their pay and benefits vary widely even as they do similar jobs.

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GAO urges State Department to improve diversity

The State Department must expand racial and ethnic diversity among its full-time, permanent, career workforce, the Government Accountability Office said.

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Some unused leave restored for essential pandemic workers

New regulations will allow workers designated essential during the coronavirus outbreak to have their unused leave restored.

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IC leans on telework as offices slowly reopen

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed workers who are used to top-secret networks home. But as intel agencies begin bringing more personnel back, they'll have to contend with lingering anxieties.

Protesters gathered near the White House. June 3, 2020. Photo credit bgrocker/shutterstock

Lawmakers press BOP on COVID risks from protest deployments

Lawmakers are pressing the Federal Bureau of Prisons for details on the recent mass redeployments of potentially COVID-exposed personnel to help patrol the city street protests that erupted after the police killing of George Floyd.

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Agencies ramp up for office reopening

Veterans Affairs, State, Agriculture and other federal agencies are ramping up operations and bringing more workers into the office.

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The Postal Service is steadily getting worse -- Can it handle a national mail-in election?

Postal delays and mistakes have marred primary voting, and after years of budget cuts and plant closures, mail delivery has slowed so much that ballot deadlines in many states are no longer realistic.

Changes coming to the TSP L fund

Earlier this month the Thrift Savings Plan announced more new Lifecycle funds will be available July 1.

Agencies report relatively smooth journey to maximum telework

Despite plans to incrementally bring workers back to the office, federal agencies still expect to allow at least some part of their workforces to continue to work remotely due to the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.