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COVID: GEHA offers $75 vaccine incentive

About 67 percent of the U.S. population over 18 is at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19. Now, yet another federal employee health insurer, the Government Employees Health Association (GEHA), is offering feds a financial incentive to get their shots.

Fed Retirement Fairness Act: "Long overdue"

Now pending in Congress, there’s a bill that would allow feds whose careers started in temporary or seasonal positions to retroactively contribute to their retirement for those intermittent or non-fulltime periods of employment: The Federal Fairness Retirement Act (H.R. 5389).

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WH stresses stakeholder engagement in Evidence Act guidance

The White House has released new guidance for federal agencies requiring department leaders to implement critical evidence-building provisions of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act, nearly three years after its passage.

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Unions seek new SSA contract, press Biden to fire holdovers

Organized labor at the Social Security Administration is unhappy with the pace of new policies and union leaders are pushing for the ouster of SSA Commissioner Andrew Saul, who was appointed by President Trump to a six-year term and cannot easily be fired.

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MSPB: Bill to revive board advances

Legislation that would authorize the Merit Systems Protection Board for the next half-decade was approved in congressional committee this week, giving hope to feds that the long-crippled appeals panel might soon be back in business.

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GAO: R&D award programs need tightening

Eleven federal agencies implement R&D support to promising private sector entities, and GAO finds all but one don't always stick strictly to program rules.

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Federal job satisfaction still lags

The annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government Survey, an analysis by the Partnership for Public Service of OPM survey research, shows federal employee engagement, as in previous years, remains lower than in private sector employees.

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Bipartisan bill would create new federal cybersecurity training program

Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) have introduced a bill proposing two new cybersecurity training programs that would increase the federal government's cyber workforce.

Juneteenth becomes federal holiday

In the depths of the Civil War, President Lincoln declared slavery illegal in the Confederacy. But it took more than two more years, until after war’s end, to free the last enslaved persons in the South. And it's taken another century and a half for this crucial date to become a federal holiday.

New COVID regs for feds in healthcare

COVID has killed many feds, and sickened untold thousands more, and the disease continues to endanger the workforce into the future. But a new OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard aims to reduce the threat, specifically to healthcare workers.

My neighbor, the hard-working fed

Most feds just don't work hard, a long-ago World War II veteran boss of mine once told me. Oh, except for the fed next door, HIS fed.

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GAO: Climate change weighs on TSP

Climate change threatens TSP investment returns and yet the board that governs the massive fund has been slow to adapt, GAO finds.

NATCA urges workplace updates

The president of NATCA, the association of air traffic controllers, testified this week that at some facilities, equipment, technology and workplaces are reaching obsolescence. The situation raises safety concerns, for the workforce and the flying public.

IG vacancies raise concern

Across federal agencies, inspectors general provide needed oversight, both deterring and investigating waste and fraud. But nowadays, according to the watchdog Project on Government Oversight, far too many IG slots remain vacant for months or, in many cases, longer.

VHA: Union rights bill advances

A bill is advancing in Congress to provide collective bargaining rights to VHA doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

Fully vaccinated? You're good to go

Are you fully vaccinated? If so, and you've finished the two-week waiting period after your last shot, then you're cleared to travel.

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Lawmakers spar over paid family and medical leave for feds

Lawmakers are sparring over a bill that would provide feds with paid family and medical leave, most recently in the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Fully vaccinated? You are cleared for official travel

The White House COVID Response Team has issued new guidance, clearing all fully vaccinated feds for official travel.

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Biden nominates MSPB vice chair

The White House has tapped Raymond Limon. a senior HR official at Interior, to serve as vice chair at MSPB.

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