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Postal union, orgs slam 10-year plan

The Postal Service's top management says its 10-year plan would save billions of dollars, and cost only "acceptable" service slowdowns. Some postal labor leaders and other critics, including many in Congress, argue the plan would impede already sclerotic mail and undermine USPS's future viability.

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Union urges summertime giving

A major federal employee union is urging members and other feds to give to charity this summer—specifically FEEA, a charity focused solely on the needs of feds.

GAO: Tighten up R&D awards

Numerous federal agencies provide support to promising private sector entities on their R&D, but GAO investigation finds all but one don't stick strictly to program rules.

More cybersecurity training for feds?

With continuing attacks on government and private sector networks, a bipartisan cybersecurity bill would mandate more training, focusing especially on feds with supply chain duties.

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WH ousts SSA leadership

in the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling suggesting SSA's top leaders could be replaced before their terms expired, the White House moved forward on July 9 to do just that.

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Treasury whistleblower's long & winding road

A new report paints a picture of a miscarriage of justice for Treasury Dept. whistleblower "May" Edwards, who facing roadblocks to stopping abuses through official channels instead went to the press. Supporters note she gave key information to the "Panama Papers" project, fueling financial and political reforms worldwide. Yet, for other leaks she faces six months in prison. There are growing calls, and online petitioning, for a pardon.

APWU, allies slam slow mail plan

This year, the Postal Service issued a 10 year plan that top management says would cut financial losses, at a cost of acceptable slowdowns in service. Critics, ranging from the largest postal labor union to a mix of lawmakers, argue to the contrary: the plan would gut the centuries-old national trust and its future viability.

Could increasing telework make government employment more accessible?

The pandemic pushed over half of the federal workforce into telework. Disability rights advocates say maintaining greater access to telework could make the federal workspace more accessible.

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Biden admin ups pay for fed firefighters

Average annual pay for U.S. Forest Service firefighters is $38,000, versus $70,000 to $88,000 for their state, local and private counterparts. The White House has ordered an immediate modest boost, and bills pending in Congress could lock in this and additional gains for these crucial first responders.

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Opinion: Require financial training at military academies, to combat waste, fraud and abuse

GAO auditors often cannot rely on financial figures submitted on DOD use of resources. Some financial experts say one solution would be to require courses in economics, including accounting and other pertinent subfields, to graduate from all service academies.

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Cybersecurity bill: Training to block breaches

Against continuing attacks on both government and private sector cybersecurity, a bipartisan bill in Congress would mandate more training with standard techniques to defeat breaches, focused especially on feds with supply chain duties.

DHS workforce sprint brings in nearly 300 cyber employees

DHS just finished a hiring "sprint" it launched in May. The result? More than 300 new cybersecurity professionals have been brought onboard, and another 500 have offers on the table.

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VA watchdog warns of security risks from undocumented PIV cards

The VHA is at risk of security breaches, due to ongoing failure to follow requirements for documenting returned personal identity verification cards (PIVs), according to an IG report.

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COVID: GEHA offers $75 vaccine incentive

About 67 percent of the U.S. population over 18 is at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19. Now, yet another federal employee health insurer, the Government Employees Health Association (GEHA), is offering feds a financial incentive to get their shots.

Fed Retirement Fairness Act: "Long overdue"

Now pending in Congress, there’s a bill that would allow feds whose careers started in temporary or seasonal positions to retroactively contribute to their retirement for those intermittent or non-fulltime periods of employment: The Federal Fairness Retirement Act (H.R. 5389).

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WH stresses stakeholder engagement in Evidence Act guidance

The White House has released new guidance for federal agencies requiring department leaders to implement critical evidence-building provisions of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act, nearly three years after its passage.

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Unions seek new SSA contract, press Biden to fire holdovers

Organized labor at the Social Security Administration is unhappy with the pace of new policies and union leaders are pushing for the ouster of SSA Commissioner Andrew Saul, who was appointed by President Trump to a six-year term and cannot easily be fired.

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MSPB: Bill to revive board advances

Legislation that would authorize the Merit Systems Protection Board for the next half-decade was approved in congressional committee this week, giving hope to feds that the long-crippled appeals panel might soon be back in business.

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GAO: R&D award programs need tightening

Eleven federal agencies implement R&D support to promising private sector entities, and GAO finds all but one don't always stick strictly to program rules.

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