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FERS vs. FECA: Which is the better retirement option?

Federal employees at retirement normally begin to take monthly payments under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Just how much a FERS check amounts to is calculated in a formula based on an employee’s “high-3” -- the highest three years of salary a federal worker earned.

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Improving fed hiring and retention, in four easy steps

As many feds will tell you, hiring and retention practices at agencies are not ideal. And over the years, report after report from the Government Accountability Office and other reviewing bodies have buttressed this view, and pressed for change.

Office of Electronic Health Record Modernization Executive Director John H. Windom, left, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Laura Kroupa, present at the Cerner Health Conference on Oct. 8, 2019, in Kansas City, Missouri. OEHRM is leading the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ transition from its existing electronic health record system to a new one that is interoperable with the Department of Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard.

VA looks to reboot health record modernization plan

Leaders of the VA's $16 billion health record modernization plan look to jumpstart their implementation schedule.

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USPS cautions staff on media inquiries

Postal employees are being instructed not to speak to the media, according to leaked memos obtained by Motherboard from postal employees in two districts

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USPS to deliver weekly performance data

The same day Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) announced she intended to subpoena Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for documents related to mail delays, DeJoy sent a letter to congressional oversight leaders pledging to provide weekly updates.

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Unions, businesses call Trump’s tax deferral plan unfair, unworkable

President Donald Trump’s executive order deferring tax withholdings will go into effect with federal employees’ second September paycheck, despite condemnation from business and union officials.

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USPS needs better overtime management, watchdog says

Excess overtime is being caused by understaffing, inadequate oversight and data collection errors, according to a new report from the Postal Service’s inspector general.

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OPM streamlines procedures for carrying over leave during emergencies

The Office of Personnel Management is issuing interim regulations to make it easier for agencies to restore annual leave to essential employees whose unused leave was forfeited because of their work in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

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National Finance Center to implement Trump’s payroll tax deferral on fed paychecks

The NFC said it plans to eliminate deductions for Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance in accordance with the president’s Aug. 8 executive order deferring deductions due to COVID-19.

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Survey: TSP remains popular with feds

The latest survey of 5,500 Thrift Savings Plan participants shows that nearly 9 out of ten federal employees said they are happy with it, though satisfaction dipped a bit -- likely because of the fallout from the pandemic.

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OMB to pilot data science reskilling program

The Office of Management and Budget is developing another technology reskilling pilot, this time aimed at fostering data science talent.

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Special Counsel outlines its Hatch Act limits

In an Aug. 26 statement, Office of Special Counsel noted that though it has responsibility to enforce the Hatch Act, it “has no statutory authority to enforce or advise on criminal provisions…. That task belongs solely to the U.S. Department of Justice.”

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FERS vs. FECA: Best retirement option sometimes hard to call

Some injured or disabled feds may be better off not drawing from the Federal Employees Retirement System but instead electing to continue to draw disability pay under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act program, a new Government Accountability Office report says.

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USCIS calls off furloughs of 13,000 workers

The planned furloughs of more than 13,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees set for Aug. 30 have been cancelled, the agency announced today.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo speaking at the Hudson Institute’s Herman Kahn Award Gala, Oct. 30, 2019. (State Department photo)

Pompeo’s convention speech violates State Department’s Hatch Act guidance, critics say

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s taped address from the Middle East to be played during the Republican convention is raising ire among critics.

ext Generation Uniformed Services Identification card

DOD issuing new Uniformed Services ID cards

The Next Generation Uniformed Services Identification cards for military family members, dependents, retirees and other eligible card holders will replace the paper cards in service since 1993.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office located in Silicon Valley (Sundry Photography/

House lawmakers urge USCIS to reconsider Aug. 30 furloughs

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), who heads a border security subcommittee, are asking the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service to push back 13,000 employee furloughs that are scheduled to take effect Aug. 30.

New study points to importance of ventilation to reduce indoor COVID spread

As feds return to the workplace, they may wonder if social distancing, face masks and frequent cleaning of surfaces are enough to keep them safe from COVID-19.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf makes opening remarks at a NFL Public Safety Press Conference with Miami-Dade Police Department and DHS Super Bowl LIV partners.  CBP photo by Dusan Ilic

GAO stands by finding that top DHS appointments were illegal

The Government Accountability Office is sticking to its guns on its legal opinion that states that top officials at the Department Homeland Security were elevated in violation of federal law.

What the Post Office needs to survive a pandemic election

The plight of the United States Postal Service has captured America’s attention. Will it collapse? Here’s what you need to know.