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POGO: Pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act

A major good government nonprofit is pressing Congress to pass a broad reform bill that would affect federal employees—including hardening protections for whistleblowers.

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Contractors: Vaccine deadline is Dec. 8

Federal contractors and subcontractors, like federal employees, soon must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to remain on the job on federal contracts. Their deadline for being protected? December 8.

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Shutdown looms as House takes up CR, debt limit extension

Most agencies are still operating under shutdown plans crafted under the Trump administration, but there are provisions for continuing pandemic programs and operations.

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Fed sentenced for child porn

A federal employee this week was sentenced for accessing child pornography, which investigators specified he was doing in the federal workplace on government computers. The Department of Justice issued a statement on the sentencing—along with a plea that feds and the public be vigilant and consult the DOJ's Project Safe Childhood website to learn more about a "growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation."

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NDAA cyber reserve proposal revised

The plan has been revised with labor in mind, but a federal employee union still has concerns about a permanent National Digital Reserve Corps at the General Services Administration (GSA).

Union wants to expand vaccine requirement

The union representing CBP officers is publicizing its approval of the requirement that foreign nationals who arrive by air to the U.S. must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry—and are pressing for the policy to be expanded to cover land and sea ports of entry, too.

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MSPB nominees hope to triage backlog

The Merit Systems Protection Board will also likely have to address fallout from disciplinary measures taken as the federal employee COVID-19 vaccine mandate takes effect.

House bill contains nearly $800 million for CISA

The funding would support the implementation of President Joe Biden's May EO on cybersecurity and workforce development.

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Military spouse? Use your hiring preference!

Military spouses have an edge at hiring time for federal jobs, and its one that if you qualify can be accessed online, without any in-person hurdles.

WH issues firm vaccine mandate

The White House issued an executive order Sept. 9, with a strict mandate requiring executive branch federal employees to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Federal employee organizations and unions, with some exceptions, have been generally supportive.

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WH vaccine EOs inapplicable on Hill

A new fact-check report reminds the public that White House personnel directives apply to executive branch employees, not to employees of Congress.

Interior Dept  BLM HQ US Gov Photo

BLM to bring leadership back to D.C.

The Interior Department is reversing a Trump administration move to put the Bureau of Land Management in Grand Junction, Colo., but the new outpost will now serve as a Western headquarters.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of September 20, 2021

Feds win scholarships

Several employee families received one union’s scholarships this month, targeted at worthy feds or family members whose education will serve the wider community

Unions press for LEO equity

Thousands of federal officers who put their lives in harm's way do not qualify for the benefits offered to most law enforcement officers (LEOs). They are simply not classified in the same way as those who qualify for the more generous benefits. Once again, employees and their representatives are pushing Congress to correct the problem.

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Early retirement? For some, it makes sense

Most retirement advisors are very cautious, focusing on the need for adequate savings and pension to be on hand, before calling it a day at the office. This week, however, we talked with a popular advisor who focuses on less-discussed subjects: finding the courage to retire, and satisfying a continuing need for a full life with some adventure and joy.

9/11: Feds remember

Federal employees and organizations representing them joined this this month to honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks, 20 years ago.

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How do Americans feel about federal tech?

A new survey digs into the public’s perceptions about federal IT, government services delivery and data privacy.

hand of medical staff in blue glove injecting coronavirus covid-19 vaccine in vaccine syringe to arm muscle of african american man for coronavirus covid-19 immunization  M By Mongkolchon Akesin shutterstock ID: 1726888900

Poll: Most favor COVID mandates

A new survey shows about three-fourths of Americans have seen their concerns rise about the COVID epidemic, as have hospitalizations and deaths in recent months. And a majority favor mandates requiring vaccines and masks to slow the toll.

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