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Education Dept.'s labor violations

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) has ordered a hearing on labor law violations by the Department of Education's management during the Trump administration.

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Agency zero trust does not start from point zero

The good news is that consistent IT policy spanning previous presidential administrations has allowed the federal government to slowly put the necessary building blocks in place for the inevitable zero trust architecture journey.

Report: Fed retirements increase

More feds are retiring this year than last, initial data shows. Delays in processing those claims are also increasing.

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WH orders software protection compliance

The Office of Management and Budget has directed agencies to comply with software supply chain security measures, as set out in a May 2021 cybersecurity executive order.

Union: Infrastructure Act would aid public servants

A major employee union, AFSCME—representing nearly a million-and-a-half public servants including thousands of feds—sees real-life improvements ahead for all public servants if the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill becomes law.

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Why digital transformation is a process, not a destination

The agencies that may feel they don't have the time to fully implement digital transformation are the very ones that stand the most to gain.

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Analysis: Fed vaccine mandate's many roots

The Biden administration recently turned toward mandating vaccination or regular testing routines. A new analysis outlines some of the inputs behind the strategy.

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OMB report highlights barriers to equity in federal programs

Onerous paperwork, complex requirements and opaque guidelines are just some of the many roadblocks preventing racial equity across the government services that federal employees help provide, a new report says.

PPS: Confirmation delays damage civil service

A new Partnership for Public Service report spotlights an increasingly bloated and sclerotic Senate confirmation process for executive branch political appointees. The document also offers some recommendations for reforming the system.


Inconsistent coding may undercut DOD cyber workforce efforts

A DOD IG audit found that while the Pentagon has made strides, inconsistent job coding for civilian cyber work roles across a wide range of positions may hinder recruiting and retention.

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Pentagon to require civilian employees, servicemembers to vaccinate

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that in addition to applying the recent WH rules aimed at requiring just about all civilian feds to get vaccinated, the military services will also demand the same of uniformed personnel.

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Reports: Variant slows WH back-to-office effort

In recent weeks, the Biden administration has been laying out plans on how to encourage feds and contractors to get vaccinated and, where need be, back at their traditional workplaces. But recent news reports show the plans are being thwarted by a renewed rise in COVID, and especially delta variant, cases.

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Feds who lie about vaccination or avoid testing could face discipline

The Biden-Harris administration is looking into which feds could be subject to more stringent vaccination requirements in addition to the mandate for VA clinical staff, said Jeff Zients, COVID-19 response coordinator.

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HHS looks to reset labor relations

Some federal agencies are leveraging a Biden administration executive order to change the tone of labor-management relations, but unions say a few departments aren't taking the order to heart.

Fed unions commemorate Richard Trumka

Federal employee organizations mark the death of longtime fighter for labor rights and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

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FEP extends $75 & $50 vaccine credits

The Federal Employee Program (FEP), which is the umbrella for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plans (FEHBP), is reminding feds they can still get dollar credit for themselves and each participant family member who gets vaccinated, and that the deadline for a qualifying first shot is extended out to Sept. 6.

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OPM head: "More questions than answers" on federal workforce vaccine policy

Kiran Ahuja, the recently installed director of the Office of Personnel Management, has a host of long-standing agency issues to deal with, along with helping implement governmentwide workforce policy to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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Education Dept. must address Trump-era violations

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) has ordered a hearing on multiple charges of federal labor law violations brought against the Department of Education's management, all committed during the term of the previous administration.

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DOD could face $4 billion in pandemic reimbursement payments for contractors

According to a GAO report, the Defense Department may have $4 billion in eligible reimbursements for contractors under the CARES Act.

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