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Court overturns MSPB rule on performance-based removals

The appeals court ruling changes decades of precedent to require agencies to justify the placement of an employee on a performance improvement plan in the event that they appeal their removal.

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Sunshine Week bills includes automating Plum Book

Among the current crop of "Sunshine Week" bills are measures to continually update the Plum Book of federal appointments and to require the president to establish records management controls to store electronic messages in a way that they can later be searched and retrieved.

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VA plans review of $16B EHR program

New Veterans Affairs chief Denis McDonough announced a "strategic review" of the agency's Electronic Health Record Modernization program of up to 12 weeks.

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Committee says number of STEM workers on decline at science agencies

A new committee report details the dramatic decline in the STEM workforces of federal science agencies. Lawmakers talked ideas to rebuild the workforce at a hearing on Wednesday.

Delays in annuity payments draw questions from Capitol Hill

New federal retirees rightly expect a smooth transition—from active payroll to retirement and annuity payments. But there are mounting signs of problems, in particular, significant delays in the timely start to these transfers to folks who are winding down their federal career.

Background investigator pleads guilty to falsified work

Agencies across the federal government rely mightily on thorough background checks to ensure they are staffed with high-quality employees. Background investigators have a very important job, indeed.

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D.C.-area essential feds eligible for vaccines next month

Some agencies have been vaccinating their employees directly, but others haven't. The National Treasury Employee Union wants IRS to secure vaccine allotments for in-person workers nationwide.

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Scammers are using fake fed IDs to extort funds

Scammers of many kinds are increasingly often using fake federal employee IDs to help them carry out their ripoff schemes.

Feds bypass COVID closures

Federal employees, like workers the world over, have endured novel workplace problems large and small throughout the past year of the COVID pandemic.

WH, OPM: Agencies, fed unions must re-examine flawed contracts

The White House has issued a number of executive orders reversing the previous administration’s actions—but one of the more recent ones perhaps will affect feds the most—and federal employee unions are celebrating the move.

Presidential Rank Awards return

For more than 40 years, top-performing feds have been recognized by the annual Presidential Rank Awards.

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Pentagon needs AI at every leadership level, panel recommends

Robert Work, vice chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence called for DOD to implement a "top-down leadership" approach "to push integration of AI throughout the force."

WH: Order gives feds time off for voting

The White House has issued an executive order calling for agencies to give employees time off for voting.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of March 10, 2021.

OPM begins full electronic funding campaign for Texas feds

Federal employees living in Texas who were affected by the recent severe winter storm that left millions without power and caused multiple deaths now have some extra support from the federal government.

It’s not fair, but it’s life

Although the pandemic has put us all in the same boat, some people have much better cabins than others. By a lot. And while saying something is not fair can seem almost childish, especially with half a million American deaths, some things aren’t fair. For instance:

Lawmakers want direct vaccine allocations for some feds

A group of House Democrats want vaccines to be allocated directly to federal employees in the National Capital Region. They're asking for the Office of Personnel Management and the Centers for Disease Control to make the inoculation of federal employees a federal process.

President Joe Biden signs the American Rescue Plan Act in the Oval Office, March 11, 2021

Biden signs Rescue bill adding pandemic leave for feds

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on Thursday. In addition to a massive influx of funding to support Americans harmed by the economic fallout of the pandemic, there is funding available for IT modernization and provision to help the federal workforce cope with COVID-19.

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IG warns of security risks due to pandemic hiring measures at VA

Temporary waivers to speed hiring at VA medical facilities have helped fill workforce gaps, but the agency's Inspector General warns on security risks of putting off certain security checks.

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