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Report: Agencies issued 200,000+ doses of COVID vaccine

Feds started the new year like they ended the last one—with COVID-19 harming every corner of the country, as well as work and personal lives.

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Deadline extended for Federal 100 nominations!

You now have until Friday, Jan. 15, to get them in.

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Judge blocks parts of workforce order

A nationwide injunction blocks sections of the order that apply to contractors and grant recipients, including a hotline created for employees to report training materials.

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Remote work may put government data at risk

While convenient during this pandemic, allowing employees to use personal laptops and phones for work increases the risk of unauthorized access to government systems and data.

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Fed unions, groups react to funding deal

Federal employees—and their unions and advocate groups—are heartened by recent moves toward funding agencies, averting a government shutdown.

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NTEU seeks to block Schedule F with lawsuit

The government has until January 15 to respond to the National Treasury Employees Union's lawsuit seeking the blockage of the new employee classification.

Proposed rule would change layoff procedures

A proposed rule change would implement part of a 2018 workforce executive order by prioritizing performance over service length in determining who is kept and who is let go in the event of a large "reduction in force" among federal workers.

DOL finalizes religious exemption rule change for fed contractors

The Department of Labor this week finalized a rule change that allows federal contractors to claim a religious exemption to discriminate against certain groups when making hiring decisions.

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Shutdown avoided—as Congress, WH make $900B deal

Federal employees and their professional and advocate organizations are relieved this week, as news broke from Washington that a $900 billion-plus COVID relief bill deal was finally reached.

VA's vaccine distribution plan explained

COVID-19 vaccinations at the Department of Veterans Affairs will be a "long process," said a senior agency official in testimony at a Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs hearing on Dec. 9.

The people who will miss Donald Trump most

According to some polls 40% of the American public believes that the 2020 election was rigged or somehow fixed or tampered with. That the wrong person is going to be swarm in on January 20. The good news, I guess, is that 60% don’t.

Lawmakers: Fed agencies failing to attract younger workers

With young adults—those under the age of 30—a rare commodity of only around 6% of feds, some federal lawmakers are—yet again—sounding the alarm on this perennial but increasingly sticky problem for civil service managers and the nation itself.

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Schedule F Workforce orders included in funding bill

Democrats in the House and Senate urged appropriators to include a measure blocking the implementation of a workforce executive order making it possible to reclassify thousands of senior civil servants as "at will" employees, making it easier to hire and fire feds in certain key positions.

OPM retirement claims backlog grows

By the end of November, the Office of Personnel Management’s backlog of retirement claims in need of processing was more than 20,000 after taking a slight dip over the last seven months of the COVIC-19 pandemic, according to the agency’s latest numbers.

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Local VA networks left to decide COVID premium pay

The lack of national direction from the Department of Veterans Affairs on issuance of pandemic "premium pay" has left regional VA networks and local facilities to decide which employees get additional pay for working on the front lines of the pandemic -- and how much.

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GAO: IT workforce diversity growing, but still below expectations

Although steps have been taken to address workforce diversity, a recent report underscored gaps in strategic planning among intelligence community elements.

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Agencies, feds reeling from most recent cybersecurity breach

Bad memories of the infamous OPM hack of 2015 are haunting federal cybersecurity experts, as word of another super-sized hack affecting multiple agencies is rippling across the federal community.

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A look at VA's vaccine distribution plan

The agency is set to receive an initial 73,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but it anticipates that 7 million veterans will want a vaccination via the agency, along with the 400,000 VA employees.

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