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Report: Take care to keep documents needed to file retirement

If you’re a federal employee—and approaching retirement—there are a number of documents to assemble, whether in paper or electronic form, in preparing to file for your benefits.

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New survey will give insight on fed workforce competencies

This month, OPM announced the kickoff of its Federal Workforce Competency Initiative (FWCI), a random survey of federal employees aimed at gathering data on the federal workforce and its competencies. A sample of feds across a wide range of agencies will receive the FWCI.

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Orgs push WH to go beyond minimum wage for contractors

The Biden administration, from its earliest days in January, made it known it is pushing to ensure not only will all federal employees get a $15-per-hour minimum wage, but so too will federal contractors.

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$1.5 trillion 2022 budget deal includes spending for civilian agencies

The administration is adding money to multiple tech modernization programs and removing the Overseas Contingency Account from the Defense Department request and folding in warfighting funds into the base budget.

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Cyber slots still unfilled amid multiple crises

Chris Krebs, the former CISA director, has been vocal in recent months about the need for his old job to be filled in short order while the administration confronts multiple cybersecurity problems within the federal government.

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EPA eliminates Trump workforce orders

The Environmental Protection Agency rolled back the clock on portions of its collective bargaining agreement on official time, union office space, grievance procedures and more.

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Lawmakers urge White House to fill MSPB slots

Appeals have been stalled at the Merit Systems Protection Board for more than four years, and leaders on the Government Operations subcommittee in the House want the White House to get moving on board nominations.

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TSA employees volunteer in COVID vaccine effort

Though many feds can and do work remotely, many other federal employees actually staff the frontlines against the pandemic—as healthcare, first responder, law enforcement or other security professional—and take far more risk than the average person among the public.

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White House: EO to “Buy American” will be followed up

The White House is reminding cabinet secretaries of its commitment to having federal agencies “buy American”—and of its executive order, signed by President Biden in January, ordering just that.

Lawmakers, unions: Bill aims to protect feds from dangerous vehicles

A recent General Services Administration probe, as reported by the agency and various news outlets, reveals chances are better than one in ten that your federal work vehicle has at least one outstanding recall item—in many cases, involving something safety-related—that has never been rectified.

Army grants help with childcare, homeschooling

The U.S. Army is now offering financial assistance that will help more soldiers with childcare and remote learning expenses caused by the pandemic.

OPM extends special hiring authority

COVID-19 has killed over 550,000 in the U.S., and it continues to sharply impede economic activities, including disrupting normal federal recruitment and hiring.

Are feds really ‘fire-proof’?

Although I can’t prove it, I suspect that the number one complaint—from ordinary taxpayers —about the federal civil service is that feds are fire-proof: that once in they are installed in their jobs, they are there for the duration. Regardless of how they perform.

Lawmakers examine White House marijuana policy

Past use of pot shouldn't make executive branch employees subject to negative employment actions, 30 House Democrats told President Joe Biden.

Opinion piece: Workforce reforms should focus on fed pay system

After perhaps the White House most committed to tearing up the federal employment rule book—that is, existing workplace merit principles, laws and regulations—the new Biden administration has halted that push, and aims to reverse such recent changes.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of April 20, 2021.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of April 1, 2021.

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SSA: Unions, congressional Democrats want faster pace in labor reform

The Social Security Administration is under fire from unions and congressional Democrats unhappy with the agency's pace in implementing the Biden administration's changes to labor-management relations, and many are seeking the ouster of the Trump-appointed agency heads.

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IG says DOD should update emergency response plans to accommodate telework

Each component should also update its plan "to include revised assumptions regarding telework for personnel and the resources required to support the teleworking workforce," the IG wrote in an April 1 report.

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