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hand of medical staff in blue glove injecting coronavirus covid-19 vaccine in vaccine syringe to arm muscle of african american man for coronavirus covid-19 immunization  M By Mongkolchon Akesin shutterstock ID: 1726888900

TSA employees volunteer to help with COVID vaccinations

At least 50 employees of the Transportation Security Administration have volunteered to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s big push to help staff vaccine efforts across the country—working on FEMA’s Surge Capacity Force.

Live in a ‘legalized’ state? WH cautions feds

​Even though millions of the public celebrated on April 20, or “4/20,” a moniker matching popular slang used for the prolific weed, most feds know, the easing in the use of “weed” products for most people isn’t the case for them.

Shutterstock photo ID: photo ID: 245503636 By Mark Van Scyoc Sign outside the Internal Revenue Service building in downtown Washington, DC on December 26, 2014.

Union: Telework leads to productivity gains

Feds overwhelmingly want to keep the ability to telework additional days each week, according to the results of a survey released by the National Treasury Employees Union.

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OPM nominee talks telework, retirement

Kiran Ahuja, a veteran of the Office of Personnel Management, told lawmakers that she thinks that the lack of consistent leadership in the top position at OPM has taken a toll on the ability of the agency to complete longer term IT modernization projects.

US Army flickr NCO Academy Teaches Leadership in Virtual Environment

Pentagon aims to boost cyber workforce

The Defense Department is developing a new policy series aimed at improving the cyber workforce, but it has substantial work to do to recruit the talent needed in the future.

Retired feds with military, Peace Corps time get retirement fix

For most feds, their employing agency and the Office of Personnel Management do a decent job of managing pay and benefits records—and, when the time comes, calculating and initiating properly calculated retirement pay.

OPM looks at post-pandemic remote work

The Office of Personnel Management is teeing up guidance as it looks to a future where more feds work remotely under a pay system not necessarily designed for large numbers of workers’ homes and office locations to be separated by the substantial physical distances that technology enables.

business people with long shadows (robertindiana/

AFGE opposes changes to NSF hiring authorities

The measure, which would expand the hiring authorities of the director of the National Science Foundation, "bears a striking resemblance" to Schedule F, said AFGE national president Everett Kelley.

The Golden Age

The prediction is that the next four years may be the Golden Age for folks who work for Uncle Sam. I say this (remember I’ve got a way out) not because he is a Democrat, which he is, but that he is a Washington insider. As opposed to former President Donald Trump, who got elected in large part because he was the ultimate outsider.

New survey will give insight on fed workforce competencies

The federal government, according to the Office of Personnel Management, directly employees an estimated 2.1 million people in its civilian workforce—placing it in the stratosphere of job providers in the United States. With so many employees, tasked to do so many things—in an ever-changing society and labor pool environment—to succeed in their mission, federal agency leaders have a tremendous need for information about their workforce.

Organizations push WH to go beyond minimum wage for contractors

The Biden administration, from its earliest days in January, made it known it is pushing to ensure not only will all federal employees get a $15-per-hour minimum wage, but so too will federal contractors.

Retirees should take care of important documents

If you’re a federal employee—and approaching retirement—there are a number of documents to assemble, whether in paper or electronic form, in preparing to file for your benefits.

Presidential Innovation Fellows now hiring

Krishna Juluru wasn’t exactly in need of a new job when he applied to take a tech sabbatical in the government. Juluru was the founder and director of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, and he was, as he put it, a “happy camper.” But he wanted to think differently and work on larger-scale problems, so he applied to the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, which offers tech practitioners government stints of up to two years.

Feds who have served: GAO seeks testimonials of hazing in military

Tight-knit organizations of all kinds—everything from kids’ clubs, to sports teams, to, yes, military services—traditionally make new recruits put up with unpleasant initiation rituals. Nowadays, however, in the military there is supposed to be—and there is, under the law—a bright line between acceptable benign rites and unacceptable brutal mistreatment. Yet, the latter—"hazing”—sometimes remains a fact of life for servicemembers. ​

U.S. Capitol (Photo by M DOGAN / Shutterstock)

Feds to get paid family, medical leave under Senate bill

The bill, introduced by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), picks up on efforts in the House to expand paid leave for feds championed by Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

remote office (elenabsl/

OPM examines post-pandemic remote work

An Office of Personnel Management official said on Thursday that the office is looking into pay administration rules in terms of remote work as part of broader efforts to provide guidance for the long-term future of a more dispersed federal workforce.

gears (adike/

New group aims to help Pentagon better adapt to technology

The new group is tasked with looking for areas in research and engineering that, if improved, would make the Defense Department better at adapting new technology.

(Image by Stephen VanHorn/Shutterstock)

Hiring for Presidential Innovation Fellows opens

Originally a brainchild of the Obama-Biden tech office, the Presidential Innovation Fellows program is now looking for its eighth cohort of in-house federal tech innovators. How has it changed, and what lessons might the program offer for recruiting top tech talent into the government?

Army combat medics training (US Army photo)

Were you hazed while in the military? GAO wants to know …

Tight-knit organizations—everything from kids’ swim teams and summer camps to adult clubs and elite commando corps—ask us to put up with initiation rituals. Nowadays, there’s supposed to be—and there is, by rule and law—a bright line between acceptable benign rites and unacceptable brutal mistreatment. Yet, in the military the latter—"hazing”—has remained a fact of military life for many recruits.

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