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A look at VA's vaccine distribution plan

The agency is set to receive an initial 73,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but it anticipates that 7 million veterans will want a vaccination via the agency, along with the 400,000 VA employees.

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Proposed rule would change layoff process

The current rules for reductions in force have performance last on the list of factors to consider in the determining which employees to keep, with the type of job coming first and followed by veterans preference and service length after.

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Hill talks deals, but unions worry under shutdown countdown

Last week, feds and the whole country suffered an edge-your-seat, narrowly averted end-of-year shutdown. This week, feds and the whole country hope, of course, to be so lucky again. ​

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Air Force telework improving IT employee satisfaction

Lauren Knausenberger, the Air Force's deputy CIO, said IT satisfaction went up significantly once people started working from home.

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Fed employers failing to attract young adults, lawmakers say

With young adults—those under the age of 30—a rare commodity of only around 6% of feds, some federal lawmakers are—yet again—sounding the alarm on this perennial but increasingly sticky problem for civil service managers and the nation itself.

OPM retirement claims backlog reaches over 20k

By the end of November, the Office of Personnel Management’s backlog of retirement claims in need of processing was more than 20,000 after taking a slight dip over the last seven months of the COVIC-19 pandemic, according to the agency’s latest numbers.

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Trump establishes new order of succession for OPM

Experts worry that an executive order with the potential to politicize the civil service could do lasting damage, even if rescinded by the incoming Biden administration.

New rule allows fed contractors to claim religious exemption

The move will make it easier for companies that are organized around faith-based activities to evade certain civil rights laws and policies when making hiring decisions.

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Senate passes NDAA bill

Lawmakers in the House and Senate passed the annual defense bill by margins sufficient to override a presidential veto but some Republican may decide to switch their votes if President Trump decides to reject the bill for reasons unrelated to national security.

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FEC: Elections agency up and running again

The Federal Elections Commission, after more than a year, is finally back up and running. Commissioner Ellen Weintraub announced the agency reboot Dec. 10.

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Senior Execs issue statement rejecting Schedule F

The association representing top managers across federal agencies, the Senior Executives Association, issued a strong rebuke of the current president’s planned “Schedule F” reclassification—focusing its criticism on moves reportedly underway to effect the executive order at the Office of Management and Budget.

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NTEU: Through Dec. 14, members get Consumer’s Checkbook—free!

Feds have until Dec. 14 to elect their healthcare plan on the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) program—and even if you are happy with your current choice, it could pay off handsomely to check and choose an alternative.

WH plans to veto NDAA bill that includes expanded leave benefits for feds

The Office of Management and Budget this week released a statement officially notifying Congress that it plans to veto a bill that includes a provision that aims to strengthen paid parental leave for federal employees.

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Agencies seek to modernize HR

Agencies can use data to identify and assemble information on candidates' and employees' experiences to better understand how people perceive them as an employer, as well as how to potentially streamline outdated processes.

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Telework, cybersecurity tools priority for 2021

The Defense Information Systems Agency is looking at "gray networks" and expanding its cloud-based internet isolation browser solution to email.

Thrift Savings Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of Dec. 2, 2020.

Lawmakers want more info on Schedule F

A group of over 20 chairs of House committees and subcommittees are requesting a "full accounting" both of any burrowing in of political appointees into the civil service and the execution of Schedule F, a new category of federal employee made up of positions centered on policy work that aren't subject to civil service protections or collective bargaining rights.

Life goes on in the nation’s capital

Although it’s been around for years, it got real traction during the Watergate era. Find out who was footing the bills, who was being paid and you had ‘evidence’ or connections. A better understanding of what happened and who benefits. Follow the money.

What to expect from Joe Biden's DOD

As of this writing, Biden has not named a secretary of defense, although Michele Flournoy has been tipped by Pentagon watchers as a likely candidate. She would be the first woman to serve as defense chief and brings a long resume including a stint as undersecretary of defense for policy under the Obama administration.

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