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Feds: Tighten cybersecurity

The majority of federal employees polled in a new survey indicated that they want more action—and more enforcement—on steps to ensure greater cybersecurity. 

The survey, backed by the computer software firm Tripwire and Dimensional Research, got responses from 306 private sector and government employees. 

On the one hand, many feds think they do a better job than the private sector counterparts on cyber. Specifically, 56% of feds working on cyber issues said they perceived government agency efforts as doing a better job of providing protection than the private sector.

(The exact language of the relevant survey question: “In your opinion, how does the security of federal government data and systems compare to the cybersecurity efforts and outcomes of non-governmental organizations?”)

On the other hand, however, fully 99% of feds involved in cyber who were surveyed indicated that “government should do more to protect their own data and systems.” 

To see the full survey and its results, go to: https://www.tripwire.com/misc/survey-security-and-federal-government.

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