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Remember Veterans Day

Veterans Day is just around the corner, coming on Thursday, Nov. 11.

On this day feds and Americans of all jobs and regions will honor those who served in one of the country's many difficult conflicts, sacrificing security, safety and often enough—despite the excellent efforts of military leaders and later Veterans Affairs caregivers—optimal health for the rest of their lives. It bears mentioning that fully a third of current federal employees are veterans.

Veterans from World War II, ended just over three-quarters of a century ago, as well as Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, most recently Afghanistan, and others gave their all for the rest of us, and it is a special day with an almost endless variety of local events to commemorate these best of all people and their efforts. 

Federal employees, for the most part, will be accorded the day off as Veterans Day is a federal holiday. For lists of some of the major commemorative events, look here and a more general list here. Or click on this explainer for the history and broad meaning of this commemorative day from a Department of Defense publication.

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