Union wants to expand vaccine requirement

One of the largest federal employee unions is applauding the federal government policy requiring proof of COVID vaccination for foreign nationals to be cleared for entry, if arriving by air to the United States. 

The labor organization—the National Treasury Employees Union, with approximately 29,000 Customs and Border Protection employees at air, sea and land ports of entry to the country—is also publicizing its call for the proof of vaccine requirement be applied at all sea and land border crossings, too. 

“CBP employees have been on the job throughout the pandemic, processing legitimate trade and travel, interdicting illegal drugs and products, and inspecting cargo for invasive pests or disease,” Tony Reardon, NTEU’s president, said in a release. “The least we can do is to make sure everyone they come into contact with is inoculated against COVID-19 and has recently tested negative.”

“On any given day, thousands of CBP employees are face-to-face with deplaning passengers, cargo ship crew, migrants, asylum-seekers and routine border crossers,” Reardon added.  “Extending the vaccine mandate beyond those who work at the ports to those who also use the ports would make the federal workplace—and the entire country—safer.”

There are 328 ports of entry to the U.S. More than 11,000 CBP employees have contracted COVID so far during the pandemic, according to NTEU—and 43 have died of the virus.

Reader comments

Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Whiners? Really? There's a reason nurses and doctors are refusing to take the shot. They see things we don't. Plus, please... do you think this liberal media would report honestly on adverse reactions - blood clots, strokes, heart problems, etc? Heck no they won't -- they all drank the KoolAid. Most of us unvaccinated are still wearing our masks - and vaccinated are not. So, if the "science" that masks work is to be believed then who's transmitting the virus? Seems like it would be the vaccinated. And yes, these vaccines were rushed. None have been truly approved. The Pfizer one that is approved is not one they're offering in the U.S. yet. Money is the root of much evil, and money drove these vaccines from day one. Shocker that now just a few months later there need to be boosters. Also, I wonder why the media hasn't questioned how many of these people coming across our borders are vaccinated before being allowed to spread out all over the country - never to be heard from again. Why do they get the option to not take the shot?? Our country - our rules, right? Dems should think about that if they want these people around to vote for them next election!

Mon, Sep 27, 2021 terry

Oh come on, guys! I'm reading most of these comments here, blasting the vaccine mandate. What the hey ho, you know? Why all the WHINING? You already get like all kinds of other vaccines to protect others at work and your neighbors, and you can't get into elementary or middle school without them. Were you MORE BRAVE and less selfish when you were a kid? Sad. (And don't tell me the vaccine is dangerous or rushed. Nonsense. They have been used on millions and millions of people worldwide now, with fewer bad illnesses and stuff than anything. You're less safe in an airliner, which is like a one in a gazillion danger nowadays. Finally, the J&J vaccine uses old fashioned technology if that's your hang up but even the others have been shown really really safe. Remember, when your parents or older brother got the polio vaccine back in the 50s and 60s, far LESS was certain about them long term than ANY of the COVID vaccines. Yet people stepped up. To save others, as much as themselves.) There are nearly 700,000 dead from COVID in this country. Yes some people who get the vaccine DO get sick later, but not from the vaccine but because they get hit with COVID BEFORE their body has a chance to make antibodies BECAUSE THEy HAVE WAITED SO LONG to get the damn vaccine and they are hanging out around unmasked, unvaccinated people in the interim. Stupid. Grow the hell up and get the vaccine. Jeez. Whiners. Unbelievable.

Fri, Sep 24, 2021

And after we all get the vaccine then we should all have to get in shape by being force fed vitamins and Federally mandated exercise. Since that is good for the country (insert irony here).

Fri, Sep 24, 2021

You mean the same union that doesn't want the vaccine mandate to apply to their own members? Please.

Fri, Sep 24, 2021

A very good idea that will protect the great employees who work to keep this nation secure. Now fire the Homeland Security chief for being a total incompetent because of the ignored mess on the southern border.

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