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Shutdown averted, as Senate follows House to fund government through Dec. 11

The Senate joined the House in passing a stopgap spending bill—avoiding a looming shutdown and further disruption to a country already roiled by the deadly and economy-wrecking COVID pandemic and turbulent election season.

The lawmakers passed the temporary continuing resolution, or “CR”, by a vote of 84-10, during the last hours of Sept. 30. Since signed by President Trump, the law keeps government operations and obligations funded through Dec. 11.

Federal employee unions expressed relief in behalf of their members and the public—while noting in the current polarized political environment more trouble over even basic funding for agencies may still lie ahead.

“It remains unclear if December will bring another CR or if Congress and the White House can reach an agreement on full-year funding,” the National Treasury Employees Union said in a statement. “NTEU will continue to urge lawmakers to provide federal agencies with adequate full-year funding for the remainder of fiscal 2021.”

The last-minute funding move occurred against the backdrop of even higher-stakes negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who continued to wrestle over potentially more than $2 trillion in emergency COVID-related spending.

Reader comments

Thu, Oct 15, 2020

Congress and senate are full of stooges, minions and lazy morons. Lets examine a small list of such minions. Number 1 is Cortez; Number 2 both Schumer, Pelosi, Paul, McConnel; Number 3 is the rest of the lazy do nothing bloat that has caused numerous shutdowns and the sad thing is that these idiots get paid for doing nothing while the government is shut down its daily operations. There is a way to hopefully fix the situation, term limits, no more career politicians. Their salaries and benefits should be cut by 80% and when a shutdown does result, their pay is docked a month salary for every day the government is closed. Also folks, wake up and vote all incumbents out of office in November.

Wed, Oct 7, 2020

In November, vote all the incumbent stooges out of office that are seated in congress and senate. They all have enriched themselves at the expense of the American citizen. They have done nothing to deserve their compensation, medical benefits and their perks. A bunch of lazy do nothing slobs.

Mon, Oct 5, 2020

If we eliminate half the congressional and senate positions, this would be a savings to the American tax payer. Also if term limits were enacted, listless do nothing folks like Paul, Pelosi, Schumer, Garham, Cortez, McConnel could be replaced by people that have work ethics rather than feeding their selfish egos.

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 MikeM

I anticipate a government shutdown from Dec 11 to Inauguration Day. When Trump and McConnell lose, what is their incentive to fund anything? McConnell should have pocketed the vote like he did for Garland to ensure his voters turn out.

Fri, Oct 2, 2020

Now the minion stooges in the congress and senate will write themselves a30% cost of living increase because they think they actually did some work. In November examine the incumbents and vote them out.

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