White House ‘concerned’ about pay raise for feds

In a statement of its positions on a Senate spending bill that includes a 1.9 percent pay raise for federal civilian employees next year, the Office of Management and Budget said it was “concerned,” Government Executive reports.

According to the article, the OMB said across the board pay raises do not address existing pay disparities or improve recruitment and retention goals, and that it instead wants to promote performance-based pay, a pay freeze, and a $1 billion interagency workforce fund, to fund pay for performance pilot programs.

The Senate on July 23 began debate on a fiscal 2019 appropriations bill, and is expected to receive a final vote sometime this week, the article notes, adding that there was no indication that the administration would veto the bill that includes the pay raise if it passes the Senate.

Reader comments

Tue, Jan 1, 2019

I was put up for a two step raise in July based on my exceptional performance only to have the higher ups that control our money tell our leadership they would not approve any two steps, even if supported by documentation that performance was exceptional compared to others. So excuse me if I am skeptical of the performance based pay claims of this administration.

Mon, Aug 27, 2018 Mike

First Federal Civil Servants should receive a Cost of Living Allowance every year to match the inflation rate; that much is just to keep even. Second those positions that are underpaid in comparison to the private sector should be given pay raises starting with the most under paid and within five years bring all within 5%. Raises should be given both on longevity and performance. Also if anyone is paying attention people are refusing to work for and/or leaving unethical companies.

Fri, Aug 24, 2018

To who posted he as worked for over 32 yrs in the VA and private sector makes more. Maybe so but they work harder. Like I say close all VA and lets let Vets use outside.. Go Tri care like military. They have a lot of Doctor and specialize you can use and get better care.

Fri, Aug 24, 2018 Stosh Arizona

Any year we get a zero COLA, we should also get a zero health insurance increase, all increases absorbed by the government. Apparently they don't think raising our health insurance by drastic amounts every year is a burden to us. The three years of no COLA's and massive increases in health insurance cost to employees put most of us on a heavy burden which most have not recovered from. I have kids ready to start college and monies I could have saved for them were lost to no COLA's. OMB top leadership could care less about us, just want to keep the top brass happy.

Fri, Aug 24, 2018 Stasis

I do not believe "Buddy" is a federal government employee. If he was he would know that for MANY years we did not get any pay increase. Working as a medical provider for the VA for 32+ years I know for certain that my patient panel and daily schedule is just as large and as busy as a community provider. I also know that my pay is considerably less than what I could make in the private sector. Maybe the problem with "Buddy" is that if he is a government employee as he claims, he does not take his job seriously. I on the other hand am very committed to serving those who served to the utmost of my abilities.

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