HuffPost features former feds who left the workforce under Trump

There is a growing discontent with the direction of the Trump administration, leading some federal employees to leave the workforce, Huffington Post reports.

The article features stories of four former federal employees who illustrated the reasons they decided to leave the federal workforce because of the new administration, which included personal reasons as well as policy issues.

“They hailed from different parts of the bureaucracy, they ranged widely in age and background, but they had undergone such similar mental calculations since Trump’s election,” the article states, adding “They may not work for the government anymore, but they all still see themselves as public servants.”

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Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Federal workforce is 80% this one of those alternate facts? Anyway, I'd just like to say it's not just about Trump and in some ways Trump is only the smokescreen. Congress, i.e. Mcconnel and Ryan are really the ones responsible for the attack on federal workers. They've been at it for over 9 years now as if reducing the federal workforce will solve all of the nations problems. They've not provided stable or increased funding for any of the programs that benefit and help the american people/worker. It's so sad that they are able to dupe the public that elects them into believing they are on they're side when they're really not. The federal workforce serves the american people just like any member of any branch of the military and they should receive the same respect and support that the military workforce gets these days. I served in the military and as a civilian in the EPA for over 30 years. I felt democrats and democratic politicians supported us but never republicans - except once in 1990 when they amended the CAA. I also think the union is helpful in lobbying in support of the federal worker and am grateful for the lobbying they do on my behalf as a federal worker. And no I am not a far left liberal, whatever that is these days. I believe in my country, in helping the needy, in preserving our landscape and in spending our resources wisely.If that's what a "right winger" would call a liberal I'm proud to wear the label.

Mon, Dec 4, 2017

I have worked in both the private and public sector. Federal employees have advantages they would never see in the private workplace, but they are sniveling cry babies. 80% are liberals who put their politics first. Even though Obama hardly helped them, they worship him and hate Trump, even to the point of sedition. The more of those types who leave federal employment, the better. Sometimes employee turnover is not a bad thing.

Tue, Nov 14, 2017 jack

HP wouldn't bother to mention the twelve-year-old OPM backlog of retirees that started under their messiah due to a complete disrespect for the federal worker. If I could arrange it, I'd program five cruise missiles: one for the NYT, one for HuffPost, one for CNN, one for MSNBC and another for USA Today. NONE of those jackass organizations supported federal employees during the obama/clinton reign.

Fri, Nov 3, 2017

Unfortunately many good people leave the government who were very productive and dedicated to their organizations mission. What makes them leave is inept political appointed minions and promotions given to subordinates with less experience and ability because bosses have no accountability when it comes to productivity and the need for their supposed expertise.

Fri, Nov 3, 2017

A few points that have to be noted: 1) The democrats and republicans hate rank and file federal employees. 2) They have demoralized civil service while implementing pay freezes, gender bias, lack of promotions while making sure they keep and get more perks, bonuses and gratuities over and below the table. 3) The supposed congress and senate folks that say they represent the federal worker is nothing but bathroom gas emissions. They talk a lot contribute to the ozone layer reduction by their hot air and lack of any activity that would benefit the general employee. They enhance the goodies given to political and SES minions through bonuses, questionable travel and other under handed perks. 4) The unions are worthless they talk along take large sums of monies for dues and pay their leadership big dollars with no return other than hot air. 5) When elections come by do the great American duty vote all incumbents out; do away with career Congress and Senate and implement term limits for them and salary cuts.

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