OPM proposes changes to paid leave

The Office of Personnel is seeking to issue new rules on granting and recording administrative leave.

In a July 13 Federal Register notice, the agency proposes to add three new subparts to the three statutory sections that were recently added as part of the Administrative Leave Act of 2016, which divide administrative leave, investigative and notice leave, and weather and safety leave.

OPM is proposing making changes to how many days an employee can be put on administrative leave for a calendar year and the use of agencies’ discretion in determining which leave to employ on an individual situation.

“Prior to passage of the Act, agencies granted paid excused absences (often called ‘‘administrative leave’’) to employees based on the broad management authority…This authority does not expressly address excused absence and thus does not set parameters on its use,” OPM states in the notice.

OPM is taking specific issue with the use of investigative leave and notice leave.

“These two types of leave may be used only when an authorized agency official determines, through evaluation of baseline factors, that the continued presence of the employee in the workplace may pose a threat to the employee or others, result in the destruction of evidence relevant to an investigation, result in loss of or damage to government property, or otherwise jeopardize legitimate government interests,” OPM states.

OPM suggests that before using these two types of leave, agencies consider other options to avoid or minimize the use of paid  leave, such as changing the employee’s  duties or work location.

The full details of the proposed regulation changes can be viewed online.

Comments be submitted through Aug. 14, 2017. 

Reader comments

Sat, Feb 17, 2018

Lots of bogus allegations here from trolls without evidence.

Thu, Oct 26, 2017

I don't know what agency would allow admin leave, as described. At ours, it is tightly regulated. Weather closures don't even result in admin leave, if you have the ability to work at home, then it's not approved. Wish they would name specific agencies, rather than generalizing.

Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Doctors use it for vacations? That is a heap of bull. I have never known any doc in 26.5 years of government service to use CME for vacations! It's impossibly regulated and you have to get the CME. some CME are in nice locations but you pretty much sit on your bum all day listening to lectures, scribbling notes, and drinking horrible coffee. People make statements without knowing the real facts. In fact, most docs work evening and weekends and holiday time without compensation. The expectation that you will be doing work on your own time is pervasive. 59 minute rule? Never. You get admin time on a snowstorm. I am expected to be there with no concern for my safety or that of my family at home.

Tue, Aug 15, 2017

You can't use Admin leave for vacations. Seriously, where do these posters get their information? They obviously has no clue how this works. We are granted admin leave when the federal government shuts down for bad weather, when someone is being disciplined they may be placed on admin leave until they are either allowed to return to work or fired, etc. To get more than 59 minutes off supervisors are supposed to request a time off award, which has paperwork. Many aren't willing to do that because it's a pain. That's not to say people don't sometimes allow us to manage our time locally on occasion if we stay late on day and then come in late the next, etc., since OT and comp time are locked down so much. When the office has the annual golf tournament yes people go, but it's not considered admin time. It's a work event to build up camaraderie and no leave is charged. Same as the office picnic. I've worked for the Army for 28 years in the DC area and haven't seen any golfers outside of the annual event.

Mon, Aug 14, 2017

Agree Dr's use it for vacations and skip the continuing education.

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