Open Season: Don’t assume your FEHB plan stays about the same for 2023!

FEHB plan premium price rises will average 8.7% for 2023, so it is important to shop around—not least because "average" means yours could rise a lot, a little, or even drop.


More Open Season tips for feds and annuitants

Our partner site podcast hosts Kevin Moss, who discusses health care options.

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Innovation is Imperative for Intelligence Agencies to Outpace Adversaries

Technological innovation can be difficult to achieve in the Intelligence Community, but as increasingly sophisticated threats emerge, agencies must innovate to stay one step ahead.

Analysis: Air pollution harms the brain and mental health, too

In a systematic review of scientific studies, researchers found that air pollution such as fine particulate matter can interfere with regions of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.

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IRS: Four things needed to succeed after the midterms

Commissioner-designate Danny Werfel has an opportunity to transform the tax agency, if given the right tools.


First responder retirement bill gets a unanimous Senate vote

The legislation allows first responders with disabilities to continue receiving federal retirement benefits in the same manner as though they had not been disabled.

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Treating long COVID is rife with guesswork

With a dearth of evidence on effective treatments for long covid, patients and doctors in 400 clinics around the country still rely on trial and error.

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Federal CIO Guide to Modern Data Protection

Download the Federal CIO Guide to learn why security and data protection controls must align with a zero-trust security posture that assumes a constant state of attacks and breaches.

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VA has a plan to attract workers displaced by widespread tech industry layoffs

Amid a recent wave of layoffs across the technology sector, the VA is working to position itself as an enticing destination for unemployed tech workers.


Open Season: FEDVIP and related options for 2023 …

Feds, go beyond FEHBP and take a good look at your FEDVIP options, too.

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AG wants to better help fed employees with limited English proficiency

It's been over a decade since the department encouraged agencies to strengthen this commitment, Merrick Garland says.


Open Season: A checklist for federal annuitants

For starters, make sure you check if your premium is increasing, so you’re not caught off guard next year.

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Will the lame duck session prevent a government shutdown?

On our partner site podcast Eric Katz joins in, and discusses Congress and the CR expiring in a few weeks.

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NARA’s Chief Innovator won big last week

Pamela Wright’s “exceptional executive leadership is invaluable to NARA, our strategic goals, and our mission,” said the acting archivist of the United States.


Health insurance options for veterans

There are lots of choices, especially for those who have joined the civilian federal workforce.

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How to stay healthy during the holiday season

The Virginia Department of Health's Dr. Laurie Forlano joins our partner site podcast to discuss how to gather for the upcoming holidays and stay safe from respiratory illness like COVID-19.

COVID: Experts hired to help public health departments are losing their jobs

As the coronavirus pandemic raged, an independent nonprofit tied to the CDC hired an army of thousands of seasoned professionals to fill the gaps in the country’s public health system. Now, the money has largely run out—and state and local health departments are again without their expertise.

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Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness update ...

Savi's Tobin van Ostern joins our partner site podcast to discuss the PSLF and its future.