Citizen satisfaction with federal government services hits bottom

The American Customer Satisfaction Index 2021 Federal Government Report showed citizen satisfaction in a freefall over the last four years, with declines across all indicators

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Court block of contractor mandate does not bar workplace safety measures

A block of the Biden administration order that contractors be vaccinated against COVID-19 or test regularly has been in place since December.

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Fact Check: Why no WH mandates on Congress?

A new fact-checking report corrects misleading social media about the White House's currently paused vaccine mandate, as it has been applied to federal civil servants.


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OPM: 2022 annuity updates delayed


Ports short on CBP staff

CBP staff are stretched thin at some of the country's largest and most important ports of entry.


Federal Academic Alliance grows

The Federal Academic Alliance, an OPM-coordinated program that offers education support to feds, just announced several new additions of schools and training options.


Postal workers back free COVID tests

The omicron wave of COVID is sweeping the country, and the mass mailing of free virus tests for the general public ordered by the White House is finding support among those tasked to ship them out by the millions: Postal workers.


$15 / hour min. for feds

The $15 per hour minimum wage for feds, ordered by President Biden early last year, goes into effect at the end of this month. The vast majority of the federal government's 2.2 million-plus employees already earn more than the new pay floor. However, tens of thousands of employees—and contractors—to date earn less, and will benefit from the change.


FAIR Act: 5.1% pay raise proposed ...

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) are co-sponsoring the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act, which would provide feds a 5.1% pay raise—including locality pay adjustments—in 2023. Welcome direction but, in this era of inflation, not enough.


Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

Thrift Savings Share Prices as of January 21, 2022

NASA and feds everywhere salute Webb Telescope’s success

Feds at the space agency enjoy huge success on the James Webb Telescope project—a quarter century in the making.

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SSA: Workers to return to offices, possibly in March

SSA has reached agreement with all of its unions regarding reentry to government workplaces—raising hopes for more collaborative labor-management relationships going forward.

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Court orders nationwide pause on federal vaccine mandate

A judge has put at least a temporary stop to the vaccine mandate for federal employees. Biden overstepped his presidential power, federal judge says.


$15 / hour federal employee minimum wage implemented

OPM this week ordered the implementation of the $15 minimum wage for federal employees. Agencies must abide the requirement, beginning with all pay periods subsequent to Jan. 30.

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Cyber: NSA to get binding operational directive authority

A new memo signed by President Biden outlines how the May 2021 executive order on cybersecurity applies to national security systems.

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Free COVID tests: Postal workers get behind mass mailing

Postal workers speak out in support of the White House move to mail free, at-home rapid COVID-19 tests to millions of American households, to help slow the coronavirus pandemic.

HHS releases long-awaited electronic health info sharing framework

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT on Jan. 18 released the long-awaited Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement.


Survey offers clues on how agencies can mitigate the “Great Resignation”

Economy-watchers lament the so-called Great Resignation, the current trend of accelerated workforce retirements and drop-outs. Whatever its roots, a recent survey indicates how employers might buck the trend—with competitive retirement and other benefits for employees.