Open questions about Open Season

Sorting out options for federal health insurance and Medicare can be tricky.

GOP Senators Agitate for Vote To Repeal Vaccine Mandate for Troops

Sen. Paul said 20 senators have pledged to vote against moving the defense policy bill forward unless their amendment is brought to the floor.

Employee Policy

OPM: Lagging pay and 'back to the office' transitions likely caused drop in fed morale

The lack of pay increases to match inflation and the federal government’s implementation of return to office initiatives could be responsible for dips in employee satisfaction as measured in the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

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Innovation is Imperative for Intelligence Agencies to Outpace Adversaries

Technological innovation can be difficult to achieve in the Intelligence Community, but as increasingly sophisticated threats emerge, agencies must innovate to stay one step ahead.

Employee Policy

These are the agencies that saw the biggest losses in employee satisfaction in 2022, and the few that saw gains

Only 10 agencies with at least 100 employees saw improvements to their job satisfaction score in the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, and no agencies with at least 10,000 workers gained ground.

Supreme Court wrestles over Biden’s immigration enforcement policy

The Biden administration instructed immigration agents to focus on deporting undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of felonies or pose a danger to public safety. Texas filed a lawsuit saying the change was illegal.

Employee Policy

A look at trailblazing women at the U.S. Marshals Service over the years

The nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency recently signed onto a pledge to boost female recruitment. 

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The Pentagon’s lead intelligence agency has an HR problem

Too few human-resources staffers means a constant struggle to keep up with basic personnel record-keeping and more.

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Federal CIO Guide to Modern Data Protection

Download the Federal CIO Guide to learn why security and data protection controls must align with a zero-trust security posture that assumes a constant state of attacks and breaches.

Employee Policy

Why women execs are leaving their jobs during the 'Great Breakup'

HR expert Barbie Winterbottom joins our partner site's podcast to discuss gender, management and the workplace.

Social Security warns public of declining service if Congress doesn’t increase funding

The agency that administers Americans’ retirement and disability benefits employed an unusual tactic in its effort to lobby lawmakers to approve President Biden’s proposed $14.8 billion budget for the Social Security Administration.


Open Season: Don’t assume your FEHB plan stays about the same for 2023!

FEHB plan premium price rises will average 8.7% for 2023, so it is important to shop around—not least because "average" means yours could rise a lot, a little, or even drop.


COVID-19, Anxiety and the Workplace

Labor and employment attorney David Barron joins our partner site podcast to discuss mental heath accommodations in the workplace.


More Open Season tips for feds and annuitants

Our partner site podcast hosts Kevin Moss, who discusses health care options.

Analysis: Air pollution harms the brain and mental health, too

In a systematic review of scientific studies, researchers found that air pollution such as fine particulate matter can interfere with regions of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.

Employee Policy

IRS: Four things needed to succeed after the midterms

Commissioner-designate Danny Werfel has an opportunity to transform the tax agency, if given the right tools.