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House Republicans roll out FY15 budget resolution

House Republicans on April 1 released their budget proposal for fiscal 2015—and labor organizations quickly registered strong dissatisfaction over measures in the resolution that would scale back the size of the federal workforce and the benefits federal employees currently receive.

Federal Benefits Q&A

Question: "If I retire in the middle of a two-week pay period that has a federal holiday, will I get paid for the holiday as well as the hours you work for that pay period? For example, if I were to retire on Dec. 31, 2016, would I get paid for Christmas since this is the first week of the pay period?"

Group proposes new civil service framework

The Partnership for Public Service, along with Booz Allen Hamilton, has issued a new report calling for substantial changes to practically every element of the federal civil service system.

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

Share Prices as of April 1, 2014.

VA reports drop in disability claims backlog

The Department of Veterans Affairs said its backlog of pending disability compensation claims has declined by 44 percent over the past year.

VA drops annual reporting requirement

The Department of Veterans Affairs has ended its requirement for most veterans enrolled in its health care system to report income information every year.

Bill calls for higher pay raise

Federal employee unions cheered a House bill that would give most of the federal workforce a 3.3 percent pay raise in 2015.

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