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March 5, 2012

Current Issue Highlights

Informed Investor: Double-check your dependency exemptions

By Edward A. Zurndorfer

This week’s column discusses the dependency exemption, and explains why it is important for individuals to claim the exemptions they are entitled to on their income tax returns. The column also looks at some of the problems associated the dependency exemption.

Federal Benefits Q&A

By FEND Staff

Question: “I took a hardship withdrawal from my Thrift Savings Plan account two years ago. Does this preclude me from taking a partial withdrawal when I retire this year?”

Consolidations mean thousands of job cuts

By FEND Staff

The U.S. Postal Service last month announced that it completed its area mail processing (AMP) studies. USPS released a list of more than 200 processing facilities that it said are slated for consolidation, and which could produce a reduction of as many as 30,000 full-time and 5,000 non-career positions.

Insight by Mike Causey: All in a day's work

By Mike Causey

Mad as heck and can't take it anymore? Tired of 18 months of fed-bashing from politicians and the media? Looking for a magic bullet to clear the air? If that description fits you, welcome to the real world of being a federal worker in 2012.

Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

By FEND Staff

Prices as of Feb. 28, 2012.

OPM updates savings estimator for 2012

By FEND Staff

The Office of Personnel Management said it has updated its online retirement savings planning tool for feds.

Career experts counter recruitment fears—for now

By FEND Staff

Two career counselors tell FEND that young job candidates really aren’t turning away from federal employment. Not yet, anyway.

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By FEND Staff

VA enrollees to get benefits handbooks

By FEND Staff

Veterans enrolled in the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system last month began to receive personalized booklets explaining their benefits.

Committee revisits duplicative programs

By FEND Staff

A House committee last week once again took up the issue of duplicative federal programs.

USAID offers childcare subsidy

By FEND Staff

The U.S. Agency for International Development announced that a subsidiary of a federal employee-funded nonprofit will run its childcare subsidy program.

Union provides online Hatch Act training

By FEND Staff

One employee union is offering online video training to help government workers learn what they may and may not do during the upcoming election season.

SES mobility goals not met, report says

By FEND Staff

A new research report says that while the Senior Executive Service has failed to become the mobile corps of federal leaders envisioned when the SES was created nearly 35 years ago, there are ways to reach that goal today.

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