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  • TSA workers anxious during shutdown threat

    The union representing the army of Transportation Security Administration officers--TSO's--is turning up the heat against those in Congress who continue to threaten to shut down their agency, and even temporarily delay pay.

  • Marijuana legal, to some degree, in DC--but not for feds...

    On Feb. 26, marijuana in small quantities became legal under the laws of the nation's capital. But federal law, generally, still treats marijuana possession as a crime, and for any federal employee, breaking any federal law can be cause for sanction or dismissal.

  • Federal Benefits Q&A

    Question: "I'm retired, past my minimum retirement age, and am receiving a FERS supplement of $987 per month. Suppose I were to make $20,000 in 2015. How do I calculate the reduction, and how is it applied to my future supplements?"

  • FMLA rights extended to same-sex couples

    The Department of Labor has updated the federal definition of spouse, allowing federal workers in same-sex marriages to have the same leave rights as those in opposite-sex marriages.

  • Acting GSA leader touts improvements

    Denise Roth, who has served for a year as the General Services Administration's deputy administrator, this week moves up to become Acting Administrator, and in marking the move issued a statement outlining improvements in the agency's workplace practices.

  • DHS shutdown threat--regardless of outcome--wears on feds

    February came to a close in Washington with yet another snowstorm—and yet another down-to-the-wire government shutdown threat.

  • Telework rules when snow falls

    Winter weather pushes the telework agenda—as telework advocates know—and this winter has helped the growing practice's backers to seize the day.

  • Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

    Share prices as of Feb. 25.

  • Legal matters: DHS last to get the memo: Agency policymakers are not lawmakers

    Had the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the Department of Homeland Security's argument that certain regulations are “specifically prohibited by law,” it would have essentially turned agency policymakers into de facto members of Congress ...

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