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Federal Soup Top Stories

  • MSPB issues report on vet hiring

    The Merit Systems Protection Board has issued a new report on hiring practices of veterans by federal agencies.

  • Fed diversity: Greater progress in hiring minorities than women

    While the federal workforce declined over a one-year period, diversity increased slightly among racial minorities, and the number of women declined, according the second part of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report released this week.

  • Former CBP official sees pervasive corruption, union disagrees

    The recently departed head of internal affairs for Customs and Border Patrol is publicly accusing the law enforcement agency of engaging in improper and corrupt practices.

  • Fist bump, high five or handshake? Choose wisely

    Conservatives called it a “terrorist's fist jab,” and if you consider transferring an assaultive amount of bacteria to an unsuspecting person an act of terrorism, then maybe they were on to something.

  • Exercise helps with the balancing act

    New findings suggest that exercise can help people feel better about managing their work and home life simultaneously.

  • AFGE President addresses rights issues in Ferguson riots

    The president of the American Federation of Government Employees, J. David Cox, spoke out this week about some of the lessons of the disturbances in Ferguson, Mo., following the police shooting of Michael Brown.

  • Snack time blues

    What should you eat at your desk?

  • Army: Revamp civilian career management

    The Army is pressing for stronger training and career management of its civilian employees—to match what it sees as more comprehensive training received by those on the military side of the department.

  • Sitting pretty

    How many times did your parents, grandparents, teachers or others yell at you to sit up straight? As it turns out, they had good reason.

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