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  • Federal Benefits Q&A

    Question: "In regard to FSAFEDS, can I do all the same [tax] write-offs on my own or can you only do them through FSAFEDS? I would think it'd be the same rules and I know it is for childcare, but wondering about health care."

  • OPM suspends online background investigation system

    The Office of Personnel Management told agencies it would temporarily suspend the Internet-based platform that allows applicants to complete and submit background investigation forms.

  • Thrift Savings Plan Share Prices

    Share prices as of June 24, 2015.

  • Bill that would open career track to seasonal feds advances

    A bill advanced in Congress this month that would permit seasonal workers at federal land-management agencies to use their often significant work experience to get permanent, career jobs.

  • Unions, lawmakers blast OPM

    The Office of Personnel Management continued to come under fire with a barrage of questions and complaints from lawmakers and employee unions over how its systems fell victim to a massive hack, what measures have been taken to patch security holes, and how effectively the agency is responding to protect federal employees, retirees and others from misuse of their personal information.

  • Public safety employees to get earlier TSP withdrawals

    The Senate last week approved the Defending Public Safety Employees Retirement Act (H.R. 2146), which will allow retired federal public safety officers to access their Thrift Savings Plan funds at age 50 without incurring an IRS 10 percent early withdrawal penalty.

  • APWU takes service standards fight to court

    The American Postal Workers Union has taken the Postal Regulatory Commission to court to challenge PRC's decision to dismiss the union's complaint that the U.S. Postal Service is failing to meet service standards.

  • Insight by Mike Causey: Bad news bearers

    Being a government messenger was dangerous work in ancient times. If your king, King A, sent you to deliver a nasty message to a rival ruler, say King B, there was a good chance that King B might have you drawn and quartered. Just to make a point.

  • House members ask president to fire OPM chief

    Eighteen Republican members of the House are urging President Obama to fire Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta in the wake of the agency's massive data breach.

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