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Federal Soup Top Stories

  • USPS, unions hit stumbling blocks in negotiations

    The U.S. Postal Service and two of its major unions have failed to reach agreement on new contacts by negotiation deadlines.

  • Workers' comp again in the bull's eye

    A House panel on May 20 held a hearing to examine possible reforms to the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), which many in Congress and the administration alike believe is designed in a way that encourages beneficiaries to stay onboard even when their disability has passed.

  • President signs Border Patrol overtime fix

    President Obama on Tuesday signed legislation to ensure Border Patrol agents continue to receive overtime payments during the interim period before a new pay system created by the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014 is implemented.

  • Bill would offer feds a bonus for identifying surplus funds

    Two senators have introduced a bipartisan bill that would empower an agency’s inspector general to pay a bonus of up to $10,000 to any federal employee who identifies surplus funds.

  • Legislation proposes new TSP fund

    A Virginia congressman has introduces legislation under which the Thrift Savings Plan would establish a Gender Equality-Focused Stock Index fund that invests in companies that have women in leadership positions.

  • VA to establish 'economic communities'

    The Department of Veterans Affairs this week launched a new community-centered initiative aimed at promoting economic success for veterans.

  • Bill would reform pricing methods for FEHBP drug benefits

    Employee groups are throwing their support behind a bill that aims to impose better cost controls on Federal Employees Health Benefits Program prescription drug benefits.

  • Are you faking it?

    Many adults wear several hats as a part of their daily lives. There’s the Work hat, the Mommy/Daddy hat, the Nurse hat, the Friend hat, the Husband/Wife hat, the Therapist hat—the list is endless. With each hat comes a different set of behaviors, and we have learned to suppress and alter those behaviors and reactions depending on which hat we’re wearing at the moment.

  • Go the extra mile -- Or just one

    They say you can't outrun death, but maybe you can outwalk it. At least for a while.

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