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Thousands pledge to telework next week

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 137,000 workers had pledged to telework next week as part of an annual effort sponsored by Mobile Work Exchange.

OPM, group launch 'telework toolkit'

A leading telework advocacy group is working with the Office of Personnel Management to help agencies calculate the return on investment of telework programs.

OPM reports gains in telework

The Office of Personnel Management's second report to Congress on the status of telework in the federal government shows large advancements overall in telework agreements and participation.

Federal workers encouraged to telecommute

About 900 workers have pledged through a mobile work advocacy group to participate in next year’s Telework Week.

OPM updates winter dismissal procedures for capital area

The Office of Personnel Management has released an updated Washington, D.C., Area Dismissal and Closure Guide in advance of the snow season.

Fed network users often the source of security lapses

Many of the cyber threats to federal networks come as a result of security lapses by the users themselves.

Expect a smaller IT workforce, experts say

Advancements in technology that allow federal agencies to do more with less, budget cuts and a gradual migration of federal IT infrastructure to the cloud are a number or reasons why experts say the federal government will begin to reduce its IT workforce.

Energy Department hacked, employee info compromised

The Energy Department notified employees that a hacker attack compromised the personal information of about 14,000 current and past employees.

PTO launches full-time telework program for managers

The Patent and Trademark Office this month formally established a program to let some patent managers telework on a full-time basis, according to a group that advocates for greater use of telework.

New mobile app provides D.C.-area operating status

The Office of Personnel Management last week announced the availability of a new official mobile app that will provide operating status updates for federal employees working in the Washington, D.C., area.