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DOD to extend additional benefits to service members' same-sex partners

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Monday signed a memorandum extending an additional slate of benefits to same-sex domestic partners of service members.

VA, DOD to pursue alternate plan to integrate health records

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have decided to use existing technology to integrate their health care records instead of going through with original plans to create and develop a $4 billion integrated electronic health record system by 2017.

Panetta outlines scenarios for DOD budget, sequester impact

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Feb. 6 gave two audiences a look into the future—one received an early peek at the Defense Department's fiscal 2014 budget, and the other a grim picture of DOD under a sequester.

Bicameral bill would cut workforce to head off sequester costs

Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have introduced legislation to reduce the federal workforce by 10 percent to pay for a year's worth of the across-the board cuts that would be triggered by sequestration.

DOD to take a closer look at family program offerings

A new Defense Department task force will take 120 days to examine DOD family and community service programs across the board with the hopes of determining which are working which are not.

Joint Chiefs sound warning over budget crisis

Top military leaders sent a letter to Congress this week, warning that military readiness is "at a tipping point," and urging "immediate action to provide adequate and stable funding" for the Defense Department.

Pentagon orders furlough planning

While Congress continues to wrestle over how to deal with the so-called fiscal cliff, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the immediate implementation of "prudent measures" to prepare for the risk of deep funding cuts.

DOD launches deployment planning resource

The Defense Department has created a new resource to guide service members and their families through the deployment process.

DFAS notes factors that affect pay in 2013

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service reminded its military and federal civilian payroll customers that their pay checks will be affected in the new year by a number of factors—including tax law revisions, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, and other changes.

Defense secretary urges Congress to eliminate sequester threat

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta thanked congressional lawmakers for passing a bill to temporarily avoid across-the-board cuts under sequestration, which he said would have had "devastating" effects on the Defense Department.