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2017 BRAC gets a range of reactions

The idea of another another round of base realignment and closures in 2017 stirs a range of reactions from lawmakers.

Thousands pledge to telework next week

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 137,000 workers had pledged to telework next week as part of an annual effort sponsored by Mobile Work Exchange.

Report details FDA surveillance of agency whistleblowers

A new report released this week offered details on a Food and Drug Administration surveillance program that monitored federal whistleblowers.

Lawmaker to hold hearing on fed issues

One lawmaker wants Congress to take a closer look at federal employee morale, pay, benefits and other issues.

Labor less than enthusiastic over pay raise proposal

More federal labor groups are piling on the administration in the wake of news that the president's fiscal 2015 budget proposal will include a 1 percent pay hike for federal employees.

Federal managers' group pans 'Stop Government Abuse Week'

A professional group that represents federal managers, officials and non-bargaining unit employees expressed "disappointment with the messaging" surrounding the "Stop Government Abuse Week" sponsored by the House leadership.

OPM leader responds to PMF program concern

The head of the Office of Personnel Management has officially responded to a plea by a group of Presidential Management Fellows seeking an expansion of the deadline to be offered a job by the federal government.

Union calls for 4 percent raise

The head of the American Federation of Government Employees is calling for a fiscal 2015 pay hike for federal employees that is four times the size of the one to the president will propose.

DOD budget calls for slowing growth of military compensation

The Defense Department plans to take its first steps toward trimming back military personnel costs which, together with civilian compensation, account for about half of all defense spending.

Vets to get new health ID card

The Department of Veterans Affairs last week said it would begin the phased rollout this month of a new secure health identification card.

Many Presidential Management Fellows don't land a job

A group of Presidential Management Fellows—alumni and current finalists—have organized a campaign to extend the deadline to receive a job opportunity in the federal government.

Postal reassignments on hold in wake of postponed consolidations

The U.S. Postal Service notified the American Postal Workers Union that reassignment of postal employees related to proposed Area Mail Processing consolidations has been placed on “indefinite hold.

President's 2015 budget proposal to include 1 percent pay hike

News that President Obama would propose 1 percent pay increase for federal employees in his fiscal 2015 budget elicited a range of responses Monday.

Capital-area Park Service employees choose union

The National Treasury Employees Union announced that is has won an election to represent about 1,300 National Park Service employees in the NPS National Capital Region.