Information on Management from the Federal Employees Almanac

Chapter 12, Section 5: Workplace Policies

The USPS has varied policies for its employees that are unique among federal agencies.

Chapter 13, Section 1: Office of Personnel Management

If you have questions about an OPM program, please contact the agency’s Call Center at (202) 606-1800

Chapter 4, Section 4: Re-Employment of Annuitants

Federal retirees may be re-employed in any position for which they are qualified, subject to the restrictions described below.

Chapter 8, Section 1: Hiring and Placement

The traditional and still the most-used method to enter federal service is by appointment through the competitive examining process.

Chapter 8, Section 2: Work Scheduling

Federal agencies are allowed by law (Chapter 61 of Title 5, United States Code) to establish alternative work schedules (AWS) that fall into one of two categories: flexible work schedules or compressed work schedules.

Chapter 8, Section 4: General Employment Policies

Requirements that federal employees hold security clearances authorizing their access to classified information can affect individuals either before or after they are employed by the federal government.

Chapter 8, Section 5: Separation Before Retirement Eligibility

The following summarizes policies governing benefits for employees who separate before retirement eligibility. These benefits differ in some ways from benefits upon retirement.

Chapter 8, Section 7: Alternative Personnel Practices

Alternative personnel systems fall into several categories. Some agencies and quasi-corporate agencies have been outside the structure of Title 5 of the U.S. Code, the body of law generally governing federal employment programs, for many years. The demonstration project authority has been used for decades to test new systems in specific settings; several of them have become permanent.

Chapter 8, Section 8: Veterans' Employment Benefits

Under certain circumstances, preferential treatment in federal employment situations is granted under the Veterans' Preference Act to those who have served in the Armed Forces and were honorably discharged.

Chapter 8, Section 9: Senior Executive Service

The Senior Executive Service covers most managerial, supervisory, and policy positions in the Executive Branch above grade GS-15, except those that require Senate confirmation.