Information on Jobs and Careers from the Federal Employees Almanac

Chapter 13, Section 4: Keeping Track of Your Leave -- 2012

A worksheet to help you track days off throughout the year.

Chapter 14, Section 1: New Income Tax Provisions Affecting Taxpayers

The date to file 2011 income tax returns is Tuesday, April 17, 2012. April 15 is a Sunday, and Monday, April 16, is a holiday in the District of Columbia.

Chapter 14, Section 2: Individual Income Tax Rates

The additional standard deduction amount for married taxpayers who are 65 or older, or blind, is $1,150 in 2011 and 2012. For a single or head-of-household taxpayer--not a surviving spouse--over the age of 65, the additional standard deduction amount is $1,450 in 2011 and 2012.

Chapter 14, Section 3: Taxation of Federal Payments and Benefits

An employee leaving government service prior to retirement can choose to receive a refund of the money credited to his or her retirement fund. If the refund includes only the employee’s contributions, then none of the refund is taxable.

Chapter 14: Taxes

Chapter 2 - Insurance

Chapter 3: Retirement

Chapter 4, Section 4: Re-Employment of Annuitants

Federal retirees may be re-employed in any position for which they are qualified, subject to the restrictions described below.